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A Place To Buy Kickstarter Funded Geek Merchandise

So you just missed pledging for that awesome new game on Kickstarter and you feel like you missed out? Maybe you're a project creator whose successful campaign is winding down and you're not quite sure what do do next? Don't worry, the guys over at ForeverGeek have got you covered with the launch of their new ForeverGeek Kickstarter Store.

Final Week of the Cinelinx Game KickStarter Reveals Card List and...

This is it folks!  We're in the home stretch now of our movie lover's card game KickStarter campaign and not only have we doubled our initial goal, we've already passed by a couple of our stretch goals.  There's still more that can be done, however, with more goodies on the way.  Today's update has revealed two of the three original art prints (inspired by famous movie posters) movies buffs can take home as a reward for pledging to the KickStarter.  Come inside to check them out and see how you can get your first look at the game's card list.

Score New Posters and Help Choose the Next Expansion for the...

Thanks to the help of eager movie fans we've exceeded our initial funding goal on KickStarter for our Cinelinx Card Game and we're well on our way to meeting our stretch goal of $25,000 which will give backers our next expansion pack (aside from the already announced Red Band pack) for free!  What's even better, however, is that we're giving you, the movie fans, the chance to decide exactly what the expansion pack will be.  Come inside to read all the details on it, plus the new add-ons we're offering for backers to enjoy!

TFGP AfterHours Podcast #5 Kickstarters and Movie Awards

Join Chris, Garrett, Shelby and Eric for a new episode of TFGP AfterHours.   You can also listen or download it here. ...

Gaming Indie Beat: A Game that Wants to Teach you Coding...

Having seen some awesome results (so far) from our own KickStarter launch yesterday, it's only fair to spread the word about other cool projects.  Algo-Bot is a new game that seeks to teach you how to code all while having fun in a video game format.  Come inside for more details on the game, and how you can help support it!

The Ultimate Card Game for Movie Lovers.

We here at Cinelinx are very proud to announce a brand new card game for movie buffs of all varieties to enjoy with their friends.  Our time spent with the amazing community of cinephiles here on the site have helped us created this new gaming adventure, and now we need your help to get it into your hands!  Our brand new KickStarter campaign has launched to raise funds to get our game into the hands of movie buffs everywhere.  Come inside to find out more about the game and how you can help.

[Update] Double Fine’s Broken Age: Kickstarter-backers to receive the game tomorrow!

[Update: Looks like they've announced a release date for everyone else now!] Kickstarter-backers of Broken Age are in for a treat as they are due to recieve the game tomorrow. With a large fanbase following Double Fine's Kickstarter project, Broken Age is expected to be a huge hit.

The Fathergamer Podcast #29 – Michael Mendheim Speaks!

This week on TFGP, Eric and Jordan welcome Michael Mendheim, the creator of the original Mutant League Football game on the SNES and Genesis to the show.  Inside Michael talks about what he's working on, what games he's playing (or not playing), and dishes on what he learned from his recent unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign to reboot the retro franchise.  Come inside to hear what this gaming legend has to say!

Mutant League Football Coming Back Via KickStarter

We've talked about Mutant League Football here on the site before.  We discussed it's greatness earlier this year during one of my "Game Franchises That Deserve a Reboot" articles, and wouldn't you know it...it's actually happening.  Now the game's creator has decided to bring the beloved and wacky sports title back from the depths and they're using KickStarter to do it.  Come inside to find out more!

The Fathergamer Podcast #27

  In this episode of TFGP, we discuss the latest gaming news.We also tackle the validity of Kickstarter and give a report card...

Beast Wars Figures Return to Transformers Toy Line!

During today's continuation of Hasbro PulseCon, the toy makers revealed new Transformers action figures, including the return of Maximals and Predacons!  On top of releasing...