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I Just Backed my First Kickstater Game, Perhaps you Should Too

Despite the craze that began back when Double Fine announced they were using Kickstarter to fund their next game (Broken Age), I have never backed a video game via the crowd-funding platform.  Maybe it's the idea of giving my money to something that doesn't exist, or perhaps nothing caught my interest.  That's all changed now, as I've just backed a game for the first time, and it just so happens to be another Double Fine game. 

Shenmue 3 To Be Kickstarter Funded

Twitter reports suggest Sega will consider Kickstarter-style funding for Shenmue 3.

Beast Wars Figures Return to Transformers Toy Line!

During today's continuation of Hasbro PulseCon, the toy makers revealed new Transformers action figures, including the return of Maximals and Predacons!  On top of releasing...