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Big Hero 6 Shown in New Kingdom Hearts III TGS Trailer

With a new trailer comes a new cast of characters getting the spotlight.  The new Kingdom Hearts III trailer from the Tokyo Game Show has the Big Hero 6 team in action!  More within...

Kingdom Hearts III Officially Releases in January

E3 2018 is in full swing and while EA made have held the spotlight on the first day, it was Square Enix who would rip it away that evening with a shocking reveal!  Find out how they announced the release date for Kingdom Hearts III and when it finally be in our hands!

Square Enix Announces The Return of Their E3 Showcase

With just a month away until the start of E3 2018, most of the big name developers have already announced the dates for their showcases.  Today, a surprising entrant announced its return to the E3 2018 stage and it may just overshadow all of the others.  Welcome back Square Enix!

Go Old School in the New Kingdom Hearts III Mini-Game Trailer...

Square Enix has revealed that Kingdom Hearts III will be honoring the past with a brand new trailer for the long-awaited game!  Take a look...

The Kingdom Hearts Orchestra Goes on World Tour

If you enjoyed the soundtrack and score of the adventures of Sora, Donald, and Goofy throughout the Kingdom Hearts games, you are in for a treat for your ear holes.

New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer Delivers A Monsters Inc. World

A new trailer for Kingdom Hearts III has arrived and depicts a world we haven't seen before, Monsters Inc!  Check it out within!

Kingdom Hearts III Goes to Infinity and Beyond in 2018

It seems that Sid isn't the only heartless that Buzz and Woody will face off against as the newest additions to the Kingdom Hearts III universe. 

New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer Shows the Return of Hercules

Square Enix has brought a brand new Kingdom Hearts III trailer to E3 this year, showcasing the return of Hercules and his world to the new game as well as more gameplay in action.  Come inside to check it out for yourself!  

Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy VII Remake Still A Ways...

The director in charge of Final Fantasy VII Remake and Kingdom Hearts III has given an update on two of Square Enix's highly-anticipated games.  Check out what Tetsuya Nomura had to say.

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 ReMIX Compilation Coming to PS4

Square Enix is about to release a massive Kingdom Hearts compilation on PS4, as they gear up for Kingdom Hearts III!  Check out the announcement trailer and learn more below!

Star Wars: The High Republic – Light Of The Jedi Special...

In celebration of the launch of Star Wars: The High Republic, the new era of Star Wars storytelling, Del Rey and Out of Print are releasing...