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True or False? Amazon Japan Reveals Final Fantasy XV Release Date

There are rumors that Amazon Japan may have given us something that Square Enix wouldn't, a release date for Final Fantasy XV!  Is it true though?  Find out when they say the next installment of the Final Fantasy franchise will debut.

New Footage for Kingdom Hearts 2.8 and 3 in New Trailer

Square Enix is not only working on Kingdom Hearts 3 but also what looks to be a compilation to all the prequels leading to the highly anticipated game.  Take a look!

D23: Square Enix Announces Big Hero 6 World In Kingdom Hearts...

The Kingdom Hearts Universe just got bigger as Square Enix has announced that Kingdom Hearts III will have a Big Hero 6 world. We've got all the details!

Kingdom Hearts 3 & Star Wars Games are Coming to D23...

Disney's D23 Expo is only a month away, and while we know Marvel and Star Wars will be prevalent at the show, today, they've announced that new video games will also have a strong presence with Star Wars, Kingdom Hearts 3, and more!  

Rating The Best And Worst Of E3 2015

With E3 conferences wrapped up we got all the major announcements from all the major companies in attendance. They put themselves at the center of the game industry for an hour and half (longer if you are EA) and showed us everything they did. So how did they stack up? Who had the best outing that excited us all, and who was more of a let down?

Kingdom Hearts 3 Gameplay Revealed; Unchained Heading West

Square Enix brought some of the games fans have been looking for at their conference this year, offering up a great new gameplay trailer for Kingdom Hearts III, plus an all new mobile KH title that's coming to the West.  Come inside to check it all out!

Kingdom Hearts III Could Be Releasing This Year

On December 9th Bill Farmer, the voice actor for the lovable Goofy, tweeted that Kingdom Hearts 3 may be coming to consoles in 2015. 

The Fathergamer Podcast Episode #43 Games, Movies and Lady Paint

The latest episode of The Fathergamer Podcast is here just in time to help you get through the holidays.

The Recap: Bond 24, Kingdom Hearts, Suicide Squad, & More!

Plenty of exciting things went down this week in the world of entertainment news, and The Recap is back from our holiday hiatus to break it all down, discuss what's happening, and remind you of anything you may have missed.  Come inside to check out the biggest stories that have had the community buzzing!

Star Wars and Marvel Could Appear In Kingdom Hearts 3

There is one game that bridged two massive worlds together and we all loved it.That game is Kingdom Hearts. So what happens when one of the worlds expands into three worlds? The game must get bigger too, right? Well that might be the case!

Everything Is Canon: Melanin In YA

On this episode of Everything is Canon, Steve talks with Melody Simpson, writer and creator of the amazing Melanin in YA directory! Melanin in YA...