I Would Play LEGO: The Last of Us All Damn Day


I've mentioned a few times (just as recently as this morning actually) how much I love the LEGO video games, and their unique brand of humor and gameplay.  Today brings us a great video featuring "gameplay" of what a LEGO adaptation of this year's amazing The Last of Us would look like.  It's definitely not for kids...

TT Games and WB Officially Announce LEGO The Hobbit for 2014


A few rumors have been floating around over the last week that Warner Bros. next big LEGO video game would come in the form of an adaptation of the first two The Hobbit movies (An Unexpected Journey and Desolation of Smaug).  This morning, TT Games and WB made it official by announcing LEGO The Hobbit coming to all platforms in 2014.  Come inside to check out the official press release!

Batman and Superman Will Be Teaming Up on the Big Screen…In...


The famed duo will be teaming up-pre Justice League...in a legoized form, of course.

Star Wars: The High Republic Show Reveals Wave 3 Covers

Star Wars: The High Republic Show dropped a surprise mid-month episode today and host Krystina Arielle revealed a ton of The High Republic Wave...