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Crafting a Modern Mythology: The Truth About Mad Max

When Mad Max returned to the big screen earlier this year, it impressed fans and critics the world over, but left many wondering where it fits in with the other films, continuity-wise.  With the blu-ray hitting shelves, I'm here to let you know...it doesn't matter.  Mad Max is more than a man, he's a mythological hero. 

What a Lovely Day! Mad Max: Fury Road Blu-ray Gets Detailed...

Are you ready to die historic on the Fury Road?  If you missed out on one of the films of the Summer, or simply can't wait to see it again, you're in luck.  Today, Warner Bros. has revealed details on Mad Max: Fury Road's blu-ray that's coming out in September.  Come inside to learn more!

Picks From The Rack June 18th 2015

On this weeks comic book review I take a look at
Old Man Logan #2
Secret Six #3
Ms. Marvel #16
Black Canary #1
Mad Max Fury Road #1 Furiosa

Awesome Happens When Mario Kart Meets Fury Road

Mario Kart is awesome...Mad Max: Fury Road is awesome.  What happens when you put the two together is nothing short of amazing and works shockingly well.  Come inside to see the video results!  

Summer 2015 Movies We’re Most Excited For

The summer movie season is nigh upon us, and this year particular seems to be one that cinephiles have been waiting on for a while. The team here at Cinelinx are just as excited about the films slated to hit this summer and our contributors took the time to break down the films they’re most looking forward to seeing.

Tom Hardy Drops Out of Suicide Squad, Jake Gyllenhaal May Fill...

Big news broke today from the Suicide Squad camp involving Tom Hardy dropping out of the DC mega superhero movie, but his possibly replacement is very exciting...Come inside for the full report! 

The Best Movie Trailers of 2014

Movie trailers give eager audiences a chance to see what a film might be like and decide whether or not it’s something they’re interested.  It’s one of the biggest and most crucial aspects of any film’s marketing, and as the year draws to a close, I thought I’d take a look back at the best/most effective trailers released in 2014. 

The Recap: Mad Max, Star Wars and More!

Plenty of exciting things happened in the world of entertainment, and we're back with an all new episode of The Recap to breakdown the week's biggest scoops and give you our thoughts on them!  This week's episode features Star Wars, Mad Max, Destiny and more, so come inside to check it all out. 

Four New Posters for Mad Max: Fury Road Revealed

While one the biggest highlights of Warner Bros.' SDCC panel was the reveal of Wonder Woman from Dawn of Justice, we can't forget another big franchise was on display.  George Miller was on hand to show off his newest Mad Max film, Fury Road with footage (which we don't have yet) and four new posters for the film.  Come inside to check them out!

A Closer Look at Jupiter Ascending and Mad Max: Fury Road...

More images were revealed at the San Diego Comic-Con for Jupiter Ascending and Mad Max: Fury Road.

Everything Is Canon: Sisters Of The Snake

On this new episode of Everything is Canon, Steve talks to the powerhouse sister writing team of Sarena and Sasha Nanua all about their...