Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian is More than Your Average Behind the...

Disney Gallery takes us behind the scenes of The Mandalorian and manages to be both insightful and touching. We discuss the promising debut episodes....

Making Of Video for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Provides Much-Needed Backstory

With just a couple of weeks until Uncharted: The Lost Legacy releases, Naughty Dog has released a Making Of video explaining the motivations behind the latest chapter in the Uncharted series.

‘The Force Awakens’ documentary to premiere at SXSW

A making-of documentary about Star Wars: The Force Awakens is set to premiere March 14 at SXSW.

Audeze Unveils Penrose Wireless Headset; Designed for Next-Gen Consoles

With next-gen consoles comes next-gen sound. While some of that sound will undoubtedly be heard through TV speakers, they capture the full audio experience...