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Where Are The Missing MCU Villains?

 Ever since 2008, when Marvel began merging their cinematic franchises in The Incredible Hulk, many comic characters have appeared on-screen. Some have become major players in the MCU, some are just minor characters, some have been killed-off and some…have been completely forgotten. Cinelinx looks at four major Marvel villains who were introduced in the MCU but have since been totally forgotten.

First look at Marvel’s Mandarin One-Shot

Check out this clip from the upcoming Marvel One-Shot, "All Hail the King!"

Blu Review: Iron Man 3

Cinelinx takes Marvel's Iron Man 3 Blu-ray for a spin.

Preview the gag reel from the Iron Man 3 Blu-ray!

Cinelinx provides a first look at the gag reel and outtakes from the upcoming Iron Man 3 Blu-ray, coming September 24!

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