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Genre Swap: 10 Comedies That Could Work as Horror Films

Comedy and horror seem like opposites, but they can have a lot of similarities. As proof, we take ten comedies and show how they...

TMP Reviews: Little Fockers

Sometimes, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. When that happens, it’s best to euthanize it. I know you loved the dog. You shared some great memories together. But, really, for the dog’s own good...just kill it. Its parts don’t work right anymore. It limps around, blindly running into the walls of corridors it once knew well, groaning with the unbearable agony of a life too far lived and a death too long denied. You’re in pain watching it. It needs to die. Otherwise, we get things like Little Fockers.

De Niro and Stiller in the new international ‘Little Fockers’ trailer

De Niro and Stiller continue in this hilarious, up beat Meet the Parents series in Little Fockers.

The Casual Cinecast Breaks Down Our Most Anticipated Films of 2021

Mike, Chris, and Justin are back in a new episode of the Casual Cinecast devoted entirely to looking ahead at the many films coming...