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Injustice 2 Adds Raiden Today to Commemorate Mortal Kombat Anniversary

One of Mortal Kombat's most iconic characters is now available to play with in Injustice 2!  Come inside for more!

Lightning Strikes Twice in the New Injustice 2 Character Reveal Trailer

Two new characters are about to debut in Injustice 2.  While they're from two completely different worlds, they share one thing in common.  Lightning.

Mortal Kombat Movie Reboot has Found a Director!

The long-gestating Mortal Kombat movie reboot has just taken a huge step forward, as the studios have hired a director to bring the iconic gaming franchise back to the big screen. 

Mortal Kombat X Kombat Pack 2 Introduces 4 Intense New Characters

Take a look at the new characters entering the fight in Mortal Kombat X's DLC Kombat Pack 2!

New Warriors Entering Mortal Kombat in New DLC

Mortal Kombat X is arguably the biggest game in the Mortal Kombat franchise and it's about to get even bigger.  A new DLC is coming and we know when you can download it.

Mortal Kombat: Conquest The Complete Series

Back in the 90s, Warner Bros. wanted to capitalize on the Mortal Kombat craze by developing a TV series that would serve as a prequel to the films.  While it was short-lived, it developed a fan following of its own and after nearly a couple decades, is finally available on DVD.  I got the chance to check out the new release ahead of time to help you decide whether or not it's worth picking up.  So come to check out my review!

New Mortal Kombat X TV Spot Features System of A Down

Check out the fun TV spot for the upcoming Mortal Kombat X!

Mortal Kombat: Conquest Coming to DVD for the First Time in...

Some of you may not remember the first live-action Mortal Kombat television show that aired in the late 90s, but that's okay!  Because for the first time ever, WB is finally bringing the complete series to DVD!  Come inside for all the details.  

Quan Chi Returns to Ruin Your Day in Mortal Kombat X

A new video game trailer for Mortal Kombat X has released this morning, revealing that the villainous sorceror Quan Chi is returning to the roster of fighters on the new game, and he looks just as mean as ever.  Come inside to check the new trailer showing off some of his moves. 

Mortal Kombat Legacy is Getting a Third Season

A live action take on the Mortal Kombat franchise saw something of a resurgence with the webseries Mortal Kombat Legacy.  It's success spurned Warner Bros. to get to working on a new full length movie and even spawned a second "season".  The second season wasn't very well received and since then, director Kevin Tancharoen has dropped out of the film version of MK.  Due to a lack of any information over the last several months, many assumed this meant the MK Legacy webseries would simply disappear.  Apparently not. 

The Mandalorian Themed Xbox Controller is Coming for Your Credits

Star Wars fans and gamers have some new gear to snatch up with the reveal of a special The Mandalorian themed Xbox controller! Well this...