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Field Guide to Evil Filmmakers Detail the Process of Making a...

“When you don’t have the money, you really need the time.” The crew from Field Guide To Evil sat down with me to discuss the inner workings of the Horror Anthology. 

D.P Andrew Droz Palermo on prepping and re-adapting for A Ghost...

Would you have guessed the bulk of A Ghost Story’s aesthetic was decided on set, day to day? I wouldn’t have, and I didn’t. The fact derailed everything I thought I knew about cinematographer Andrew Droz Palermo (You’re Next, Rich Hill, A Teacher) and Writer/Director David Lowery’s ( Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, Pete’s Dragon) formal motivations and forced the interview to operate in a spontaneous mode similar to the film’s production.

Sean Porter D.P || 20th Century Women || Interview

Sean Porter photographed two of my favorite films of 2016. Released first was Green Room, a brutal siege horror exercise which we talked about earlier in the year, and the other is 20th Century Women, which, during comparison, Sean describes as “a coming of age, sun-drenched, family dramedy”. They could not be more different. Although, in terms of his approach to exposure, are surprisingly similar. Sean deflates the conceptual stigma surrounding a fluid, less controlled set (and their practical limitations) and brings to light their ability to let intuition breathe. 

Interview with Directors Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan of Sausage Party

Release week for any movie is a busy time, but directors Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan managed to find some time to chat with us here at Cinelinx about the new animated adult feature, Sausage Party.  They talked with us about their process, approach to humor, and the seven year journey to getting the film on the big screen.  

Robert Eggers Discusses Filming, Archetypal Storytelling, and a “Happy” Ending for...

After winning best US Dramatic Director at Sundance with his debut feature and almost immediately being headlined as the director of the 'new Nosferatu',...

Hal Hartley and Aubrey Plaza Talk Ned Rifle With Cinelinx

Hal Hartley's trilogy is finally complete with the release of Ned Rifle. Ned Rifle continues the story of an immensely dysfunctional family, Ned (played by Liam Aiken), the son has turned eighteen and is out of witness protection and has revenge on the brain. His goal? To find his father, Henry (played by Thomas Jay Ryan), and kill him. Cinelinx had the chance to discuss the film with Hal Hartley and one of the film's stars, Aubrey Plaza.

ned rifle still

The Maze Runner Cast Interview

Recently, Cinelinx had the opportunity to meet the stars of the action-packed movie The Maze Runner!  Dylan O'Brien, Kaya Scodelario, and Will Poulter talked about their experiences on the set, working with one another, the source material, and more!  

TMP Interviews: Matt & Letia Clouston of Broken Toy (Part 2)

It’s that time, again.  If you did not catch the first part of the conversation, shame on you!  TheMoviePool presents the second portion of a two part interview with two of the talented Forewarned Films staff: Matt and Letia Clouston of the webseries Broken Toy.

Exclusive – TMP Interviews: Mike Lordi, Writer and Director of Retribution

Retribution. What does that word mean to you? Mike Lordi, director of Paranormal and Trepidation, gives us his rendition of the meaning of the word in a film of the same name.

Retribution is Lordi’s latest film about a man named Ryan Mitchell who wants to find out who is responsible for the mysterious murder of his friend Max. There are two gangs that Max was a part of that top Mitchell’s list. One gang is lead by Marcos while the other gang is lead by Dmitri, however, both gang leaders work for Tony Gallinari. Agents Harris and Bates, who have other plans for the Gallinari crime family, intercept Mitchell’s crusade for vengeance. Watch as the action unfolds in this crime thriller as Ryan Mitchell attempts to get RETRIBUTION.

Retribution is about to start the festival circuit and I got a chance to chat with Mike Lordi about his film, what it’s like to not only write and direct a film, but also to act in the same film, as well as a little bit about his thoughts on filmmaking.

Exclusive: TMP Interviews – Alex Ballar and Beau Nelson of Zombie...

“Nothing Kills A Buzz Like A Zombie Attack!” This is the catchy tagline for the movie Zombie Drugs, a film where comedy intersects with the horror of zombies created by recreational drugs. Vinny and Sebastian decide to set up shop in the only industry they know — the drug business. With the help of Sebastian’s jealous ex-girlfriend and her rich best friend, they set out to produce and sell a drug that gives a perfect high. The four of them take on the drug world, fighting mobsters, frat boys, and yes, even the occasional zombie.    

Just when we thought we knew everything about hanging out with the undead, Zombie Drugs gives us a bit of a new spin on zombiedom. Creator Alex Ballar and producer Beau Nelson of Manginity Films sat down with TMP to discuss their film Zombie Drugs and tell us a little bit about their thoughts on the undead.

Focal Point: The Bare Necessities

In these trying times it's important to stick to only the essentials, and important concept in this week's Focal Point comic! We're back this...