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The Recap: Dr. Strange, Avatar, and Titanfall 2

It was a busy week in the entertainment business, with new trailer, Avatar movie announcements, and even a title for the new Spider-Man movie.  All that, plus more, gets a breakdown in this week's The Recap episode! 

The Recap: Star Wars, Candy Crush, and More!

This week on The Recap we've got even more posters for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Warcraft gets a full trailer today, someone spent 5.9 billion dollars on Candy Crush, and The Witcher is coming to the big screen.  All this plus some exclusive Star Wars gaming info. 

The Recap: Battle Angel Alita, Godzilla vs. King Kong & More!

Hulk's teaming up with Thor, Godzilla is fighting off King Kong, and Battle Angel Alita is finally happening.  The week has been filled with incredible movie and video game news, so we're breaking it all down for you in this week's edition of The Recap!  

The Recap: Harry Potter, The Martian, Star Wars, and More!

This week Matt is hosting a new episode of The Recap, breaking down the week's biggest news from Star Wars, Metal Gear Solid, Harry Potter and plenty more.  Come inside to watch and catch up!



The Recap: Blade Runner 2, Warcraft, Scorch Trials & More!

In this week's new episode of The Recap, we're breaking down the biggest stories of the week including new announcements for Blade Runner 2, Duncan Jones' Warcraft movie, LEGO Dimensions, and more.  Come inside to check it out!

The Recap: Suicide Squad, The Force Awakens, Zelda, & More!

It's been a busy week in the world of entertainment, and Cinelinx's Recap is here to break down the biggest stories from the latest in Star Wars news, what's up with Indiana Jones, and lots more.  Come inside to watch!

The Recap: Star Wars, Batman v Superman, Steven Spielberg & More!

This week's episode of The Recap is bursting with entertainment goodies from the past week's news from the video game and movie worlds, including Star Wars, Slender: The Arrival, Batman v Superman, and more!  Come inside to check it out.

The Recap: Arkham Knight, Age of Ultron, Mutant Football & More!

This week has been packed with news from the video game and movie world.  Cinelinx has been covering it all throughout the week, but this week's episode of The Recap is here to breakdown the biggest stories that have had the community buzzing this week! 

The Recap: Poltergeist, Star Wars, Mortal Kombat X & More!

The Recap, powered by Cinelinx, is back for an all new episode to break down the biggest news stories from the video game and movie worlds that happened this week.  Come inside to check it out!

Cinelinx Weekly News Recap – September 15-19th

Every week movie and video game studios seem to drop a ton of information on the masses.  News happens every day.  Some are massive, jaw dropping scoops, while others may fly under the radar.  Our brand new weekly recap series wants to highlight the best/most interesting news scoops from the week, that you may have missed or forgot about in the deluge of other news stories.  So come inside to watch our first recap with stories from the week of September 15th!  

Skywalker A Family at War (Book Review)

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