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Transformers: Age of Extinction Super Ticket Gives You 2 Free Movies

As has been the trend with some of the bigger movies over the last couple years (especially with Paramount films), they are partnering up with some theaters to offer fans a "Super Ticket".  More than your ordinary ticket, purchasing one of these for a film offer up some neat extras, and the new Transformers: Age of Extinction super ticket is no different.  Buying one of these will land you a digital copy of a previous Transformers film along with a digital version (once released) for Age of Extinction.  There's more, so come inside to learn what all you can get! 

Rated: Gravity – A Modern Masterpiece Worthy of Your Attention

Gravity is every bit as good as you’ve heard.  Alfonso Cuaron has created a modern masterpiece that is simultaneously subtle, unique, powerful, and breathtakingly beautiful.  Read on to see why this film is my favorite of the year so far and may stand as a major milestone in filmmaking history.

Glasses-Free 3D A Possibility for Commercial Theaters…May Even Be Cheaper

Despite how many people feel on the issue, it doesn't look like 3D movies are going away any time soon.  One of my key issues with the format (besides it not being used optimally) has to deal with the glasses you have to wear in order to watch.  I wear normal glasses (shocking this day and age, I know) so every 3D movie forces me to put glasses over my glasses, resulting in an awkward and often uncomfortable experience.  One research group thinks it can rectify that problem with glasses-free 3D display technology designed for commercial theaters.

New Glasses Will Help Hearing Impaired Enjoy Every Movie

Sony is developing some awesome glasses to be worn in theaters.  And no, it's not some new fangled 3D glasses, these will actually be useful.  Instead they're making a pair of glasses that will help the deaf and hearing impaired enjoy any movie...at any time.

4 Ways Movie Theaters Can Become Relevant Again

Movie theaters have been the topic of quite a bit of discussion lately. With ticket prices being steadily on the decline for the past few years, and now DirectTV’s Home Premium service, many have wondered what will it take to fix the movie theater experience? Is there a way to ensure theaters will remain the medium for film and movies? Well, I’ve got some ideas and ways I think this problem can be solved.

4 Movie theaters you wish your city had

Nothing tops that movie theater experience, but these theaters can actually make even that feel better.

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Welcome to the 2nd Opinion Podcast! In this episode, we talk about Xbox Series X/S Titles Could be Made Playable on Xbox One, Assassin’s...