4 Reasons The PS4 Launch Has Been More Successful Than the...

Whenever a new console comes out, it’s exciting and I love getting them on day one. Sure you have a few bugs and some lackluster launch titles, but it’s fun having something new. I’ve owned the past couple of PlayStation’s on launch and now that I've played around with the PS4, it's obvious that Sony's learned from the PS3's launch fumbles. I’m not talking entirely about supporting demand and lower prices, but from a gamer perspective it’s a better experience.

Naughty Dog Reveals Trailers for The Last of Us DLC &...

If you haven't heard yet, the next-generation of gaming consoles is now here, as the PlayStation 4 launched today in North America.  Of course, Sony was throwing a launch party to celebrate such an auspicious occasion, and they didn't let the opportunity slide to announce some really cool stuff.  Naughty Dog was on hand to reveal the first trailer and details on The Last of Us story DLC, Left Behind, AND perhaps best of all, they revealed a new Uncharted game for the PS4.  Come inside to check out both trailers!

Is The Next Generation Taking Too Many Steps Backwards?

The next generation of gaming with the PS4 and Xbox One is inching closer and closer every day, and with it comes all kinds of fascinating things: better visuals, bigger games, and some nifty online perks. Yet with all this good news, there are still some steps backwards. With many people complaining there "isn't enough" on the upcoming consoles, could the steps backwards be harsher than they should be?

Hearts Break as Watch_Dogs gets Delayed Until Spring 2014

Easily one of the most anticipated launch games for the next generation consoles (the PS4 and Xbox One) is Watch_Dogs, Ubisoft's upcoming open-world action adventure.  The game has been stunning audiences since it's first debut a couple E3's ago, and with just a month before it's launch, Ubisoft has made the decision to push the game back into 2014.  Come inside for all the details on this sad news...

New Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Released ( D23)

Eager Kingdom Hearts fans got what they've been waiting for at this year's E3 when Square Enix at long last announced Kingdom Hearts 3.  While that announcement trailer was brief, fans were excited. Now the company is giving gamers more of what they want in an all new, gameplay packed, trailer for the upcoming action RPG.  Come inside to check it out!

[Update With Official Press Release] The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Tie-In Game...

When there is a movie based on a comic book, there is normally a game based on the movie. That trend is continuing, but unlike other adaptations, this one is Spider-Man and we should be excited!

Thief Shows Off Gameplay in Newest Trailer

Fans of the Thief series have been worried about Square Enix's next-generation outing for the franchise; unsure of whether or not it can recapture or live up to all the made the originals so good.  Now there's a new trailer for the game focusing all on the gameplay so you can see and judge for yourself!

The Xbox One Releasing on November 22nd

Xbox fans and gamers have been wondering when exactly they'd be able to get their hands on the Xbox One.  While speculation was all over the place as to when, Microsoft (on the heels of announcing full scale production on the console began) has finally announced a release date for the console in 13 markets: November 22, 2013.  Come inside to see some of the new specs on the console as well as which countries it'll be available in.

Nintendo Gives the Wii U a Price Drop Plus a Fancy...

Looks like Nintendo is just on a roll with the news and announcements today.  On top of debuting a brand new handheld console (the 2DS), they've also announced a price drop for the Wii U (which fans have been asking for), and a swanky looking special Zelda: The Wind Waker bundle/edition of the console for the HD remake's release.  Come inside to take a gander and get all the details on the price drop.

GamesCom ’13 PlayStation Conference Recap

Sony's GamesCom conference has wrapped up and while the biggest news was the official announcement of the release date, plenty of other news came out during the event.  From new games, new trailers, Vita news, and a slew of indie games, there was plenty of information being doled out.  If you didn't get a chance to watch the conference live with us, we've decided to lump all of the news into one convenient spot for you.  Come inside to check it all out!

Will Ghost of Tsushima Be The Next Dark Souls? | 2nd...

Welcome to another episode of The 2nd Opinion Podcast! In today's episode, we talk about the open-world aspect of The Last of Us 2,...