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Star Wars Films Coming to Individual Blu-Ray in Limited Edition Steelbooks

The Star Wars Saga is once again getting a new home entertainment release as the lead-up to The Force Awakens continues.  For the first time, you'll be able to buy the films separately on blu-ray in limited edition steelbooks.  Come inside to learn more and see when you can pick them up!

Prepare Your Wallets, The Force Awakens Merchandise Officially Hits on September...

Rumors about the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens merchandise (toys, etc) have swirled around one date for a while now, and now Disney/Lucasfilm has made it official, announcing Midnight Madness events and even offering us a glimpse of the new toy packaging!  Come inside to learn more.  

Get Up Close and Personal With the Millennium Falcon in New...

One of the great things about both Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Star Wars: Episode VII filming at the same time, is that the directors have been poking fun at one another with silly photos on social media.  In response to a recent jab from Zack Snyder, JJ Abrams has posted a new video that gets us up close with the rebuilt Falcon. 

Game of Thrones’ Swordsmaster Joins Cast of Star Wars: Episode VII

Star Wars: Episode VII resumed filming last week, and it looks like they're still adding to the cast.  Reports have come in now that a second Game of Thrones cast member (the first being Gwendoline Christie), who played Syrio Forel, has joined the film in a small role.  Come inside to learn more!

Jason Isaacs to Voice the Primary Star Wars Rebels Villain, The...

The first character ever revealed for the new Star Wars animated series, Rebels, was the Inquisitor.  He's a bad guy and definitely looked the part.  Even though he was the first character we ever saw, he's also been the least we've heard about.  Today, however, new information on the Jedi hunting villain has been released including the news that Jason Isaacs (notable Harry Potter bad guy) will be lending his voice to the role.  Come inside to check out a new video for the baddie!

Lucasfilm Updates on Star Wars: Episode VII Schedule, Announces New Cast...

In a very surprising Sunday update, Lucasfilm/Disney have finally given fans an update on the production of Star Wars: Episode VII, acknowledging some schedule re-adjustment in light of Harrison Ford's injury, while announcing to new additions to the cast.  Come inside to check out the full update, but rest assured, the release date is still on track for December 2015!

Abrams Will Pass the Baton to Rian Johnson For Star Wars:...

Talk about some unexpected news!  Fans are still scouring the internet for any scrap of information related to Star Wars: Episode VII (which is currently filming), but today brings some news regarding the next two films in the trilogy, Episode VIII and IX.  While many speculated this would happen (including us), it looks like JJ Abrams is only on board for Star Wars: Episode VII.  Reports have come in now that Rian Johnson will be taking over writing and directing duties for the last two films in the trilogy. 

Principal Photography on Star Wars: Episode VII has Officially Started!

I've been waiting a very long time to write this headline folks, and to be entirely honest, it feels surreal to even be writing up this news piece.  After a lot of rumors, delays, and surviving on tiny bits of information cameras have officially begun rolling on Star Wars: Episode VII, as announced by the camera slate. 

Full Trailer for Star Wars Rebels Feels Like Old Times

While the biggest Star Wars related news came earlier last week in the form of an official casting announcement for Star Wars: Episode VII, there was still something for fans to get excited about yesterday for the official Star Wars holiday, May the Fourth.  Disney released the first real trailer (not just a quick tease) of their upcoming Star Wars Rebels show set to debut this fall.  Come inside to check it out!

Andy Serkis, Adam Driver & More Join Hamill, Ford and Fisher...

Well folks, today is the day that a lot of us have been waiting for since new Star Wars films were announced a while ago.  Lucasfilm/J.J. Abrams have officially revealed the cast of the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII, confirming previous rumors about some actors, and revealing that the original crew is returning!  Come inside to check out the cast list.

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