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Unofficial Prequels: Films That May Have Been Prequels but You Didn’t...

 Do some films get made as secret sequels to unconnected earlier films, turning those older films into prequels? It may just be random coincidence, but some movies seems to work perfectly as continuations of earlier, unrelated films. The earlier films may not be official prequels, and they weren’t made by the same people—or even the same studio—but there are hints, if you look for them, which indicate that later filmmakers possibly looked at earlier projects and secretly wrote their newer films as informal sequels to those prior hits. Or maybe this is all just unplanned happenstance. Look at our list and see what you think.

Tuesday Toy Review: Catwoman, Yoda, and Gipsy Danger

So a cat barglar, a Jedi master and a giant robot walk into a bar. So we are back and closing out the new year with a menagerie of figures. Catwoman is an improvement in this line, Yoda is needing some impovements, but the Gipsy Danger is spot on!

Guillermo Del Toro Talks Pacific Rim Sequel and Animated Series

 Director Guillermo del Toro says that Legendary Pictures has officially green-lit a Pacific Rim sequel, which should come out in 2017. He says that he is working on the script along with Zack Penn. He has also spoken about an upcoming animated series which will air before he sequel to help set up the story.

Is Idris Elba Heading to Jurassic World?

Casting news has been heating up on the long-awaited Jurassic Park sequel, and the latest rumors say that after fighting giant Kaijus in Pacific Rim, Idris Elba may be taking on dinosaurs next in Jurassic World.  Come inside to check out the details on this rumor!

Blu Review: Pacific Rim – Apocalypse on the Small Screen

Pacific Rim, Guillermo del Toro’s robot and monster filled punch fest struggled a little bit in the box office when it released earlier this Summer, but now the film is available on blu-ray, and we got our hands on the release earlier in order to help you decide whether or not it’s something you should add to your home entertainment shelf at home!

Bryan Singer Developing Giant Monster Series Called Creatures At Bay


Cashing in on the giant monster/Dai Kaiju trend of Pacific Rim and Godzilla, Bryan Singer is creating his own giant monsters on-the-attack show for the Syfi Channel.


Bring the Apocalypse Home – Pacific Rim Gets Detailed and Dated

Warner Bros. has dropped the information on the upcoming blu-ray release for Guillermo Del Toro's Pacific Rim.  You can own Pacific Rim on Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and HD digital download on Oct. 10, 2013.Come inside to find out all the information on the bonus features coming for the robots vs. monsters flick.

Idris Elba Talks About Bringing Luther to the Big Screen


With the third and final season of the critically acclaimed BBC drama Luther due to debut on BBC America in September, Idris Elba talks about the possibility of a Luther film.


Lone Star Comics Pacific Rim Giveaway

The SCNS crew was live and on site during Cinelinx's big Pacific Rim early screening giveaway.  While eager fans waited in line, we took the time to talk to them, see why they were so excited, and we even got to introduce the newest member of the SCNS team! 

Eric’s Movie Review: Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim is going to be a hit with fanboys all over the planet. It's the type of movie that they feel obligated to love because of what it's about and who made it. In this case we have a movie about alien dinosaurs (Kaijus) fighting giant robots (Jaegers) directed by Guillermo del Toro (filmmaker who most Comi-Con attendees think can do no wrong). Sounds like it should work on every level doesn't it? Yeah, well it doesn't!

His Dark Materials: Lyra’a Oxford Gift Edition Coming This Fall

After the recent release of The Golden Compass Illustrated Edition an oversized, lavishly illustrated collector’s edition of Philip Pullman’s beloved fantasy classic, a now...