Paul Feig Signs On For Monster Movie Dark Army

Universal Pictures has brought on Paul Feig to write/direct a new monster movie called Dark Army that may utilize some classic monsters... While Paul Feig's...

Backlash Against Ghostbusters Doesn’t Add Up

The level of hatred lobbied against 2016's Ghostbusters is enough to suggest that it should be an extremely controversial film, yet it is totally benign. What is really going on?

Get Slimed in the First Ghostbusters Trailer

After a lot of set pics, images, teases, and even a LEGO set, eager Ghostbuster fans can finally get their first real look at the movie in action thanks to today's trailer release.  Come inside to check it out!

Costume Reveals and New Movie Title

Earlier today both Justin Lin and Paul Feig tweeted designs for their new films. Come inside to see more!

[Update] Cast & Release Date for Ghostbusters Reboot Revealed

Paul Feig announced last year he was working on an all-female Ghostbusters movie that would be a total reboot of the franchise, and now it looks like we know who will be suiting up and exactly when we'll see them on screen. Come inside to check out your new Ghostbusters!

Katie Dippold Hired to Pen Ghostbusters Reboot for Paul Feig

The next Ghostbusters movie is finally moving forward, as a writer for the script has been hired and director Paul Feig confirms some of the details we've been hearing, including the fact that it's a TOTAL reboot of the franchise.  Come inside to see what he says!

Female Ghostbusters? Director Paul Feig would like make it a reality.

 I am woman, hear me bust ghosts

Okay, we admit that to be a little cheesy. However, Variety did report an ongoing rumor stating Paul Feig (Bridesmaids, The Heat) being asked direct a reboot of Ghostbusters with an all-female cast.

Hot Toys Dark Trooper Figure From The Mandalorian Revealed

The fine people over at Sideshow/Hot Toys have revealed the latest The Mandalorian inspired figure coming for your wallet: the Dark Trooper! If you...