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Classic Horror Origins: The Mummy

Everyone may recognize The Mummy, but how many of them actually know where he came from? This quick recap will give you the facts you need to know regarding one of the horror genre’s most enduring characters.

The Nine Greatest Horror Film Stars of All Time

 Halloween is almost here. This is the time of year for putting your favorite horror films in the DVD player. When you think of horror movies over the decades, there are certain actors whose names are indelibly linked to the horror genre. In honor of Halloween 2016, Cinelinx looks at the nine greatest horror films stars of all time.

The Last Great Horror Icon Is Gone: Where Are the Future...

 With the death of horror film legend Christopher Lee, the last of the legendary honor guard of horror has passed on. He was part of an elite group that created the horror genre. Lee’s passing is a reminder that it’s been a long time since we had a new horror film superstar. Is the day of the horror film specialist gone forever? Where are the big-screen boogie-men for the 21st century?

Halloween Fiends: Monsters then and Now-Which Are Better?

Old monsters or new? Dracula or Freddy Kruger? The Bride of Frankenstein or the Bride of Chucky? How do you like your monsters…Classic or neo-nasty contemporary?

The Star Wars Emperor’s First Name Leaked

It’s been 37 years since he was first mentioned in Star Wars-Episode 4: A New Hope, and the main villain of the Star Wars universe has not been given a full name. An upcoming novel finally gives the infamous villain a full moniker.

DVD REVIEW: Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell (1973)

Cinelinx gets Gothic with Warner Archive's Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell DVD!

Blu Review: The Vampire Lovers

Shout! Factory is quickly becoming one of my favorite outlets for hard to find classic horror titles. Their Scream! Factory line collects these rare films and gives them the high-definition treatment and attention to detail they deserve. They continue their ongoing mission with Hammer's 1970 film "The Vampire Lovers."

Everything Is Canon: Disney Doubleheader

In this episode of Everything is Canon, it's a Disney Doubleheader as Steve celebrates the release of two books, the latest in the Disney...