PlayStation Plus Discounts For October 2014

As the cost of living continues to increase for most people, it sometimes becomes hard to find a good deal on the games you want to play.  That is where Sony has stepped in.  My goal is to inform the n00bs, and seasoned vets alike, of the monthly discounts offered through their store in hopes that, you too, will see the benefits of being a Plus member.

Indie Game, Shu Hits PlayStation Mid 2015

PR Rep and Community Manager, Daley Johnson, of the Indie game developer, Coatsink, and fellow Cinelinx contributor provided us a press release for their new game, Shu, and it looks amazing.

PlayStation Store Annual Summer Sale Begins

The annual PlayStation Summer of Play has begun with 4 titles and 4 great deals. 

Enter the Gauntlet in Madden NFL 15

EA Sports have revealed a brand new gameplay challenge that they call The Gauntlet!  Come on in and find out what The Gauntlet has in store!

Grand Theft Auto V to be Released on Next Generation Consoles...

Gamers will undoubtedly remember the huge success of Grand Theft Auto V and will be delighted to hear that this fall the game will be released on the Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC (though it was officially announced last night during Sony's E3 2014 press conference).  Come inside to check out a new trailer of the game running on PS4!

Watch the PlayStation E3 2014 Conference Live!

The first big day of all the E3 excitement is nearly at an end, and as they've done in year's past, Sony is going to be capping the evening off with their PlayStation press conference.  They're showing it in theaters, on your PlayStation 4's and of course, streaming it online, which you can watch, right here, with us!

Madden NFL 15 Release Date Revealed

Gamers and Football fans rejoice! Electronic Arts, Inc has finally given us a release date for Madden NFL 15! Plus, they released a pretty cool trailer.  More inside!

Comcast Raised Netflix Prices, Will Video Games Be Next?

In the technology world, it’s an ever growing battle between technology and the services that provide them. One side wants to innovate, but the other side wants money on the booming project. Thus we have cable providers angry and the cable publishers and so on. The latest trend seems to be internet providers getting angry with, well, the content they are supposed to provide.

What ‘PlayStation Now’ Needs To Offer

PlayStation Now is the new streaming service offered by Sony to streamline games digitally. The service utilizes Gaikai to stream games to any device at any time. Of course it offers other features, but Sony has yet to dive into them just yet. We do know two things, it will have a subscription and it will have rentals. With that being the focus, there are a few things Sony needs to offer gamers in order to become the Netflix of gaming.

GameTrailers VGX Awards – Review And Winners

Annual video game awards show change name, format, and broadcast exclusively online to show off amazing game footage, but is that enough?


New Back to the Future Themed Transformer Revealed

To help celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Back to the Future, Hasbro has announced a fun Transformers crossover figure, GIGAWATT! Much like they did previously...