9 Classic PS2 Games That Need to Show Up on PlayStation...

Earlier this week during CES 2014, Sony announced their brand new video game streaming service, PlayStation Now.  The service is designed to act as a 'Netflix' of gaming wherein gamers can stream older PlayStation titles to their current systems, tablets, and even TVs.  While the service will start with only PS3 games Sony promises the library will eventually pull from all previous PlayStation systems.  The primary concern most gamers have now, however, is which games will fill out the service's library.  Today I take a look backwards at some of the most enjoyable PlayStation 2 titles that needed to be included on Now

What ‘PlayStation Now’ Needs To Offer

PlayStation Now is the new streaming service offered by Sony to streamline games digitally. The service utilizes Gaikai to stream games to any device at any time. Of course it offers other features, but Sony has yet to dive into them just yet. We do know two things, it will have a subscription and it will have rentals. With that being the focus, there are a few things Sony needs to offer gamers in order to become the Netflix of gaming.

New Gamescom Trailer Released for Batman Arkham Origins

New Trailer for Batman Arkham Origins. Now it wouldn't be a Batman game with out the Rogues Gallery and Gamescom has given us yet another trailer for the game. Check it out after the jump.

Tearaway’s Release Date Confirmed

The darling looking platformer shown off during this year's E3 has had nothing more than a vague 'October' release date for it.  Now word comes today of an official release date for the game...but it's been pushed back just a bit. 

New Trailers for Thief and The Last of Us

A couple of new trailers have released today for a pair of highly anticipated games.  One gives our first actual look at the new game coming to PC and the PS4, while the other is an extended red band trailer that helps show why games can still be a powerful storytelling device. 

Diablo III on the PS3/PS4 Will Allow for Off-Line Local Co-Op

One of the things gamers lamented over when Diablo III first released was that you had to be online at all times to play it, with no option of local co-op via LAN.  That won't be the case when the game finally comes to consoles (announced during Sony's PS4 event), as Blizzard confirms that gamers will be able to play off-line.

Sony Releasing 500GB White PS3 Bundled With a Year of Playstation...

Sony announced today that a new color for the Playstation 3 is coming to North America, and with it will come a 500gb harddrive on top of a year's subscription to Playstation Plus, which essentially gives you an instant collection of games to play. 

PlayStation Mobile Starts Free Game Promotion Today

Sony began its New Year giveaway today offering a free downloadable game from PlayStation Mobile each week for the next 6 weeks.

Everything Is Canon: The Unstoppable Wasp!

On this episode of "Everything is Canon", Steve talks with Sam Maggs, the author of the brand-new Marvel YA novel, "The Unstoppable Wasp: Built...