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Pokemon Meets Tekken: Pokken Tournament Announced

With whispers of a “shocking announcement” around the corner for the past week, The Pokémon Company and BANDAI NAMCO have collaborated to reveal Pokken Tournament which resembles a mash-up between two popular game series, Tekken and Pokemon.

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Release Date Revealed

During Nintendo's E3 Press conference, they revealed something Pokemon fans have been waiting for.  While we knew that the Hoenn remakes would be coming in November of this year, we didn't know exactly when...until now.  Come inside to see when you'll be playingthese games along with a fancy new trailer showing off some new Mega-Evolutions!

Hoenn Confirmed: Nintendo Officially Announces Remakes of Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire...

Gamers and Pokemon fans around the world have been clamoring for years for a remake of the classic Gameboy Advanced Pokemon Games (Ruby and Sapphire), generating a meme surrounding the "games" and seeing signs everywhere that Nintendo was making it.  Sadly, though, game after game was announced with no remake in sight...until today.  Nintendo has officially announced that gamers will return to the Hoenn region this November on the 3DS in Pokemon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire

New Legendary Giveaway Promotion for Pokemon Coming in August

The newest Pokemon game is nearly upon us (October 12th), and of course that means it's time for another great distribution event.  This one should be of interest to fans because you'll be able to get all shiny versions of the legendary Pokemon that appeared in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum! Come inside to check out when you can get them. 

Focal Point: Ultra HD Snobbery

Some betrayals are hard to forgive in this week's edition of the Focal Point webcomic! There is absolutely no denying that I'm a "snob"...