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Legendary Rayquaza Goes Mega in Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

The Pokemon company has revealed and all new trailer for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire in which they reveal the all new Mega-Evolution for the legendary pokemon Rayquaza...as if it weren't already bad ass enough.  Come inside to check out the new trailer! 

Secret Bases, Cosplaying Pikachu, and more in New Trailer for Pokemon...

The new (old?) Pokemon games coming this year have already excited fans by giving them, essentially, the long awaited remake of the original GameBoy Advance Pokemon games Alpha and Sapphire.  There's lots more coming, however, and today a new trailer has been released showing the return of Secret Bases, plus the ability to dress up a Pokemon, and a new Mega Evolution.  Come inside to check it all out!

EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid Wireless Earbuds (Review)

If you're on the hunt for a set of wireless earbuds to enhance your gaming, the EPOS GTW 270 hybrids bring ease of use...