Toy Review Tuesday: iZombie Figure and the Deluxe Ninja Megazord

It's time for a brand new edition of Toy Review Tuesday featuring Liv Moore from iZombie with a bonus throwback to make up for all the time I've been away: the Deluxe Ninja Megazord.

Power Rangers Movie Casts Alpha 5

The Power Rangers movie has add to their ranks of big name actors, adding a former SNL alum and huge comedic actor to play Alpha 5, Zordon's right-hand man!  Come inside for more!

New Power Ranger Posters and Peek at Zords

It’s been two months since we heard anything regarding the upcoming Power Rangers movie. That got fixed today, check it out.

Toy Review Tuesday: SDCC Legacy Red Ranger Review

This week's Toy Review Tuesday episode is special to me as it's an exclusive Power Rangers figure from this year's SDCC...a figure I never expected to get my hands on (without costing an arm and a leg).  Let's take a look at the Legacy Red Ranger from SDCC 2016.

Toy Review Tuesday: Power Rangers Legacy Red and Green

So hearing that there were going to be newly designed, better articulated, higher quality Power Rangers figures got my interest up. Now we saw the SDCC exclusive reviews out there but what were the normal releases goign to look like. Thanks to some fans out there I got the Target DCPI and had them pull the Red and Green Rangers for me. They tried to tell me they were street dated but turns out they weren't. So I decided to do these figures togther becasue one of them is a really good figure while the other isn't so great. But enough talking here's my review of the Legacy Power Ranger Red and Green figures from Bandai.

Tuesday Toy Review: Legacy Falconzord

The latest offering from the Power Rangers Legacy line is the Legacy Falconzord from Power Rangers the movie. Very nicely done but a bit over  priced but it's really well done. Very very clean in the execution and I can't wait for the Megazord that goes with it. But the clean lines, molded detail, and quality really make this thing shine. And with little details showing us the Ninja Megazord and Shogun Megazord will be compatible with it makes me kind of excited for what's to come. Now at a price tag of 60 bucks I have to be critical of that.  Check out my video review and give me a comment. 

Elizabeth Banks to play Rita Repulsa in Power Rangers Movie

All you Power Ranger fans out there you better get ready because you can’t have a team of heroes without a villain, and the upcoming movie reboot has finally cast theirs. Elizabeth Banks will be stepping into the role of the Rangers' nemesis Rita Repulsa.

Tuesday Toy Review: Legacy Blade Blaster

This was surprise to find and I'm glad I was able to. This guys is the Legacy Blade Blaster from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I love these role play replica style weapons from the Legacy line. Now the 80 dollar price tag does seem a bit too much but you can easily knock that down with a little couponing. And at the 60 I paid it's certainly worth it. Any of you cosplayers out there I think you should get this because it looks that good. Now if you'll excuse me I'm gonna go chase the guys from the cast with it.

Power Rangers Movie Casts Red Ranger

Now right before NYCC we had casting news of Naomi Scott being chosen for the role of the Pink Ranger. Now we were expecting more to follow shortly but it appears Lionsgate will be keeping that a bit closer to the vest. But now they have released more news because now, we have our Red Ranger.


Casting Begins for Power Rangers Movie

Dean Isrealite's upcoming movie reboot for the Power Rangers is still moving along at a nice pace and it looks like Lionsgate is getting casting underway, with a shortlist of actors up for the primary Rangers.  Come inside to see who the "teenagers with attitudes" might be. 

Garth Davis To Direct New Tron Movie

It's good news for Programs as Justin Kroll over at Deadline is reporting that Garth Davis, director of "Lion", will helm Disney's new "Tron"...