Six Stars Who Started Out Playing TV Super Heroes

They may be best known today for their later roles, but these six stars all got their first break by playing super heroes on TV. Maybe these shows aren’t the most memorable or well-made super hero projects, and they aren’t the highlight of the actor’s career, but these little shows jump-started the careers of some future celebrities.

Power Rangers Delayed to 2017 as Lionsgate Shuffles Their Slate

Lionsgate has just revealed a few changes/additions to their movie release schedule over the next couple years, delaying films like Power Rangers and Gods of Egypt, while finally giving a release date for action/comedy American Ultra.  Come inside to see when all these movies are hitting!

Toy Review Tuesday: MMPR Legacy White Tigerzord

Finally getting around to this guy and he is a great addition to this line. Compared to the first Megazord this is a great improvement on engineering and just a reall homage to the origianl piece. Check out the video below and next week I hope to have my holy grail of Transformers finally realized in Masterpiece form.

Toy Review Tuesday: MMPR Legacy Saba

It's once again time for a big time review. This Saba is a 1:1 scale of the sword used by the White Ranger in the American series Mighty Morphine Power Ranger and the Kiba Ranger in the Japanese series DaiRanger. What can I say ths feels more ike a prop than a toy and at the 100 dollar price you're getting what you paid for. 

Toy Review Tuesday: Legacy Titanus

We're going big for the newest episode of Toy Review Tuesday by taking a look at the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers' Legacy Megazord Titanus, a giant toy from Bandai.  Come inside to check out our thoughts on the big toy and whether or not it's big price point is worth it! 

Interview with Steve Cardenas at Animation Celebration

Jason had the please of sitting down with actor and martial artist Steve Cardenas of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. A great guy who's till...

Toy Review Tuesday

After a week off I've gotten off my duff to bring you guys some more reviews. Lot's of variety this week but all are pretty great toys. I have some opinions about Revolver but he's still a pretty nice figure with some flaws.

Legacy Dragon Dagger Review

Many thanks to my friend Zander for letting me review his Legacy Dragon Dagger till mine comes in. This thing is one of the best items they've released so far and even with it's hefty price tag I gotta say it's a lot of fun.

Bandai S.H. Figuarts White Ranger and Sailor Moon Reviews

Here's my review of the Bandai S.H. Figuarts White Ranger and...Sailor Moon. Look I know really I do but there are soemtimes I can't help myself. I'll see you after the jump!

Go Go Power Rangers! 20th Anniversary Toy Reviews

Yes it's time to take a trip down memory lane and look at these awesome Bandai SH Figuarts 20th anniversary Mighty Morphin Power Rangers action figures. Flat out these are amazing pieces of work but check out the videos after the jump if you don't believe me.

Garth Davis To Direct New Tron Movie

It's good news for Programs as Justin Kroll over at Deadline is reporting that Garth Davis, director of "Lion", will helm Disney's new "Tron"...