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Gone and Definitely Forgotten: 15 Films You Probably Forgot Came Out...

Wow, we're already a month into 2012. Can you believe it? Hell, it seems like yesterday when we were looking forward to the New Year. Now, we're already 1/12 of the way done with it!  Despite how fast it feels at the current moment, years are actually pretty damn long.  Because of this, it's pretty easy to forgot about mediocre films.  A year after the fact, I always gawk in amazement that certain films came out the year previously.  It seemed like such a long time ago, yet it's only been twelve months.  Below is fifteen of these films, the unsung losers of 2011.  They may not be bad...but they are certainly forgetable.  

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TMP Reviews: Red Riding Hood

This isn’t a fairy tale for children, even if it feels and seems vaguely familiar. This is delectable fodder for anyone who likes angsty and complicated young adult love stories with an ever appealing supernatural element. It’s Catherine Hardwicke in her comfort zone giving us a dark and edgy fantasy with sexy stars and a rocking soundtrack, a mystical creature of myth in the neighborhood, and an adolescent love triangle.

The film’s origins are based upon the near ancient legend of a wolf and a little girl dressed in red, a tale that has been told since medieval times and has gone through more than one incarnation and varying adaptations. This is a 700 year old fable revisited and given a few clever twists that proves the lure of the werewolf is as tantalizing as ever.

New Set Photos from Red Riding Hood


New photos showcase fantastic sets and period wardrobe.

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