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Channel Control: The First Episode of ‘Tron: Uprising’ Has Restored My...

In advance of the new animated TRON series debuting on Disney XD, the house that Mouse built has released the first episode online for everyone to watch and 'preview'.  I'm not going to lie to you, this 30 minute episode has me excited for the TRON franchise once again.

3 Things That Didn’t Work in The Avengers

The Avengers is out and it's a pretty amazing film; yet it wasn't all peaches and gravy. There were some issues with the film, because let's face it, no movie is 100% perfect. I've already gone over (extensively) the things I love about it and to balance out the rest of my review, I'm now here to talk about some of the things that didn't work for me.

War Horse Blu-ray Review!

 The Movie Pool whispers to the War Horse Blu-ray!

Immortals Blu-Ray Review—Who Needs Story When You Have Slow Motion?

TheMoviePool delves into the ancient world of Greek mythology in Immortals, and tries to figure out if there's anything of value still left in this tired genre.

Spoiler: No.  No there is not.

The Town Ultimate Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray Review – A Whole Bunch...

Warner Bros recently shot the new Ultimate Collector's Edition of The Town over to us, and it's brimming with all kinds of goodies inside. So we took it upon ourselves to delve into all of the bonuses and extras in order to let you know whether this edition is worth picking up for your collection.

TV Review: The Walking Dead—”Judge, Jury, and Executioner”

 The gang is at each other's throat as they decide just what to do with the boy they have locked up in the barn.  

‘Act of Valor’ Review

TMP explores the shadowy and oft-unrecognized world of the U.S. Navy SEALS, one of will, heart, violence, and the dogged determination of our country's most feared and fearless soldiers.

TV Review: The Walking Dead—”Triggerfinger”

 Rick, Hershal, and Glenn meet some brand new friends as Shane heads off to rescue Lori from another one of her idiotic escapades. 

TV Review: The Walking Dead—”Nebraska”

Yup, we're back! After a four month hiatus, The Walking Dead (and, connectively, this column) has made its return! What did we think of this Spring Premiere? Did it fill our hearts with hope, or more sorrow at the show's future? And do we think it's possible yet to fall in love with these characters? Find out the answer to these questions and more right after the jump!

The Adventures of Tintin Review: Steven Spielberg Embraces the World of...

(Note: This review was written before we went down to do updates, thus it might be a TAD outdated)

Whenever a Steven Spielberg film comes out, you bet the world is paying attention. Especially if it's the director's first film in almost four years. Because of Spielberg's long hiatus, a lot of stock was put into The Adventures of Tintin. In a ton of ways, it represents a whole lot of new for Steven Spielberg; it's his first animated feature, and the first time he's ever gotten to play around with a virtual camera. But it also represented a very big return to the days of old for Spielberg; for the first time in decades, Spielberg was crafting an action adventure film. Because Spielberg was working in the same playground he made famous over 30 years ago, anticipation for this film was reaching a high point. But does Spielberg's return to action adventure filmmaking make a good follow up to his previous work? And would his first introduction to the world of modern day animation be a worthwhile one? Hit the jump to find out.

Everything Is Canon: Stuffed – Into Darkness

On this episode of Everything is Canon, Steve talks to Liz Braswell all about her latest book, Stuffed: Into Darkness! You might know Liz from...