Rumor Control: Viggo Mortensen to Play Dr. Strange in Thor 2?

Character cameos in the Marvel films are expected and a fun treat for fans to watch out for when the movies are in theaters.  So it's no surprise that with the Phase 2 of their cinematic universe currently underway that many are speculating on what kind of cameo's we'll see in the upcoming sequels.  The latest one puts Dr. Strange in Thor: The Dark World, with Viggo Mortensen in talks to play. 

Rumor Control: Supposed Director’s List for Justice League Makes Me Want...

Justice League is the focus of a lot of attention lately since Dark Knight Rises has ended, and it's expected to be WB's next big comic book film (aside from Man of Steel).  Many fans are looking forward to it, myself included, but if this rumored list of director's that Warner Bros. is considering proves to be correct...I might just cry. 

Rumor Control: The Next Batman Will Appear in Justice League First

Everyone knows that Warner Bros. is planning on rebooting the Batman franchise, but the major question has been when.  With a Justice League movie script currently looking for a director, and Man of Steel supposedly set to tie-in to it, Batman fans have wondered how Warner Bros. was intending to reboot Batman before Justice League.  The answer may very well be that they aren't.

Rumor Control: Peter Jackson Officially In Talks for A Third...

Just a couple weeks ago rumors were swirling around SDCC that Peter Jackson had so much footage shot for his The Hobbit duology, that he was considering making a third film.  Most passed this off as typical show room scuttle and nothing more has really come from it.  Now, after shooting has wrapped, it appears as though Warner Bros. is seriously considering it and is talking with Peter Jackson about filming a third film. 

Rumor Control: Ninja Turtles to Begin Filming Soon?

Things have been all quiet on the reboot of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, since what's now known as "Turtlegate" that sent the internet into an uproar.  That doesn't mean the studios haven't been working on the film.  Now reports are coming in that the film may begin filming in the next few months.

Rumor Control: What Exactly is ‘Star Wars: Identities’?

Thanks to the magic that is internet domain name registration, it has recently been revealed that LucasFilm has registered the name Star Wars: Identity. So, of course, we must ask the question—WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!

[Update] Rumor Control: Is This the Plot Synopsis for Prometheus?

[Fox has sent an update out saying that the leaked plot synopsis is actually incorrect.  They have now issued an official synopsis.]

Prometheus is one of the most interesting projects coming out next year.  Originally envisioned as a prequel to the 1979 film Alien, the film reportedly evolved into a new project all together.  But then they said that it was still a prequel, but a very loose one.  So which one is it?  Well, a rumored plot synopsis may have finally given us the answer to that question.

Rumor Control: Are Leonardo DiCaprio and Idris Elba Starring in Quentin...

People always pay close attention whenever Quentin Tarantino is casting his next film.  I mean, the man has made some odd caating choices.  I mean, Brad Pitt as a Jewish Texan Army badass?  Giving John Travolta a role in a good movie?  Totally out of left field.  So now, anytime something even VAGUELY related to Tarantino's casting process is mentioned, everyone takes it to the next level.

Like right now, for instance.

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