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The She-Hulk Controversy Sums up the Place of Super Heroines in...

Female super heroes are getting no respect. Not only are there no plans for any future films featuring super heroines, but David Goyer has dismissed one of Marvel’s most popular female characters as a “giant green porn star”. 

Age Of Ultron to Feature A Lot of Hulk and Hawkeye


Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige say that Avengers: Age of Ultron will focus more than the previous film on characters who don’t have their own franchise; such as the Hulk and Hawkeye.


Kevin Feige Says There Are No Plans for Any Female Superhero...


Marvel has a whole plethora of films scheduled for the next few years but none of them feature a female main character. Marvel boss Kevin Feige has nixed rumors of a Black Widow solo film? Will we ever see a super heroine headlining a Marvel franchise?


Will Black Widow Be the Main Hero in Age of Ultron?

Joss Whedon has stated a partiality for the Black Widow character and has indicated that the flame-haired spy will be the central character of the sequel to The Avengers.

The Horse Whisperer Blu-ray Review

The Movie Pool listens closely to The Horse Whisperer Blu-ray!

“Item 47” Avengers Short Screens at Comic-Con (Clip)

Marvel screens the Item 47 short film at the San Diego Comic Con!

Check out the new Avengers Blu-ray trailer!

The new trailer for The Avengers Blu-ray is out, and it's awesome.

New Avengers Trailer Should Now Be Considered the Official Definition of...

The brand new Avengers trailer that launched today is the very definition of epic, and might well be one of the most exciting things you'll see until May 4th. 

David O. Russell wants Adams or Johansson for the female lead...

I'm about 90% sure that David O. Russell has talked about Uncharted SO MUCH that I could fill an entire book with his quotes.  What does the man have to say this time?  Well, it' more casting, but this one makes a lot of sense.  Maybe O. Russell isn't bullshitting this.

But he probably is.

Marvel’s ‘Black Widow’ has been confirmed

Not too long ago, Stan Lee wrote on his Twitter that two new marvel movies were coming alive. It looks like part of...

USPS Launching New Star Wars Stamps This Spring

Heads up Star Wars fans/collectors, the Post Office is launching a new series of stamps, inspired by your favorite droids later this year! This isn't...