Get Stranded With the First Trailer for The Martian

The first trailer for Ridley Scott's latest film shows what happens when you strand Matt Damon on Mars with only limited supplies...awesome things apparently.  Come inside to check out the first trailer for The Martian!

Sony is Courting James Wan to Direct Robotech

After the crazy success of Furious 7, James Wan is quickly becoming a hot commodity as a director, and word has come in now that an offer's on the table for him to direct Sony's first Robotech movie.  Come inside to learn more!

Ex Machina Gets a Chilling New Trailer

Today sees the release of a brand new trailer for the upcoming science fiction film, Ex Machina, from the mind behind 28 Days Later, and I simply cannont stop watching it.  Come inside to check it out for yourself!

Question Everything in the First Trailer for Ex Machina

A brand new science fiction movie from the screenwriter of 28 Days Later is on the way, and today brings about it's first official trailer.  Ex Machina looks trippy, haunting, and filled with questions about what it means to be human.  Come inside to check it out and see for yourself.  

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Comes Home in December

One of the best films of the Summer (if not THE best) was Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.  While it's no longer hitting the big screen, you're chance to take this masterpiece home is coming up just in time for the Holidays.  20th Century FOX has revealed when you'll be watching the Apes again and what special features will be included on the disc when it arrives.  

Automata’s First Trailer Looks Intriguing and Fun

There's a new science fiction film on the horizon, set in the future that's ruled by technology.  While some of the initial ideas put forth in this trailer (which also showcases a very different looking Antonio Banderas) seem like traditional Sci-Fi ideas, Automata still looks like it could be a fun and thought-provoking adventure.  Come inside to watch the trailer for yourself.  

First Full Length Trailer for Sci-Fi Film Gilgamesh Released

Science Fiction is hitting our Indie Beat today, bringing with it the first full length trailer for Gilgamesh, developed by the Boston Film Family.  Come inside to check it out and learn more about the film!

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

After surprising everyone in 2011 with the incredible Rise of the Planet of the Apes, 20th Century Fox is bringing the film’s sequel to the big screen this week.  I got the chance to check out the film earlier this week and it’s just as good as you hoped it would be.  The hype surrounding the film is well deserved, so come inside and find out why.

Roland Emmerich to Helm a Stargate Remake After Filming Independence Day...

Roland Emmerich is planning on making Sci-Fi fans happy over the next few years.  According to a new press release the man is set to bring not one, but two Independence Day sequels to the big screen (filming them back-to-back), but possibly more exciting, he's returning to the world of Stargate!  MGM has announced the director will helm a remake of his original sci-fi classic, with the intent of turning it into a trilogy of films.  Come inside for all the news!


Universal is bringing the infamous anti-hero RIDDICK to blu-ray to give fans the opportunity to add the sci-fi adventure to their home entertainment collections.  I got the chance to get my hands on the unrated director's cut blu-ray ahead of time in order to help you guys decide whether or not it's worth making space for on your shelf.  Come inside to check out my review!

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