Full Trailer for Transcendence Raises Scary Possibilities

Following on from three teaser trailers that were nothing more than interesting sound bites and dialog.  Over the weekend, however, Warner Bros. released the first full trailer for Transcendence and it puts a new twist on an older science fiction idea to make for a terrifying possibility. Come inside to check it out!

The Wachowski’s Bring the Goods in First Trailer for Jupiter Ascending

The people who brought you The Matrix, V for Vendetta, and most recently Cloud Atlas are back at it again with an all new hard sci-fi film, Jupiter Ascending.  Today sees the release of the first full trailer and its as dazzling as you'd expect from the directing duo, and it gets all my nerdy juices flowing!  Come inside to check it out. 

New Plot Details Revealed as Production Commences on Neill Blomkamp’s Chappie

Neill Blomkamp isn't taking much of breather in getting to work on his next project, following an incredible release a couple months ago in Elysium (my favorite film of the year so far).  Sony Pictures has announced that today, cameras have begun rolling on his next film, Chappie, a science fiction adventure starring a robot.  Come inside for the full press release which gives new details on the film.

Rated: Gravity – A Modern Masterpiece Worthy of Your Attention

Gravity is every bit as good as you’ve heard.  Alfonso Cuaron has created a modern masterpiece that is simultaneously subtle, unique, powerful, and breathtakingly beautiful.  Read on to see why this film is my favorite of the year so far and may stand as a major milestone in filmmaking history.

New Trailer for Gravity Goes a Little More Mainstream

Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity is generating a lot of positive buzz.  It's debut at the Venice Film Festival has been met with nothing but high praise, with director James Cameron going so far as to say it's the "best space film ever done."  While Warner Bros. has released a few trailers for the film already, they've now debuted a more mainstream style trailer with new footage and story clues. 

Official Release Date Revealed for Neill Blomkamp’s Chappie

Neill Blomkamp's next film, following the incredible Elysium, got funding from Sony, and now it also has an official release date.  His next science fiction film will be out in early 2015, so as not to mess with the ridiculous amount of blockbusters hitting in the Summer.  Come inside for all the details.

First Full Trailer and New Poster Released for Riddick

Despite knowing that Riddick is set to release at the tail end of the Summer movie season (September 6th), we haven't really seen a whole lot of footage from the film.  We got a quick little teaser (if you could call it that), and that's about it.  Now, we've got our first full trailer, with loads of new footage plus a new poster and stills.  Come inside to check them all out.

Trailer Smackdown: Oblivion vs. After Earth

The very first trailers for Oblivion and After Earth came out around the same time back in December, and they looked incredibly similar.  Both featured post-apocalyptic Earth setting, and had some incredibly similar visuals.  Now new trailers for both films have come out once again within a week of each other, and we take a look to see if they've managed to differentiate themselves, and whether one is pulling ahead of the other.

Lucasfilm Postpones Star Wars Episode II and III in 3D; Focusing...

Perhaps it's a sign that the 3D re-release trend is starting to die off.  While post-converting older films for 3D started off with a bang (The Lion King), subsequent releases all around haven't been performing as well as expected.  Lucasfilm has announced that the 3D re-releases of Episode II and III has been post-poned.  Full details inside.

Wings Of Ebony – Review

In this riveting, keenly emotional debut fantasy from author J. Elle, Wings of Ebony follows a Black teen from Houston who has her world...