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Graphic Review: Batman Volume 5: Zero Year – Dark City

Batman Volume 5: Zero Year – Dark City continues writer Scott Snyder’s electrifying retread of the Dark Knight’s early years as a crime fighter in Gotham City. He finds himself going up against Edward Nygma, who calls himself the Riddler, and a disgraced bone researcher dubbed Doctor Death after a series of medical tragedies. The book collects Batman issues 25 through 27 and 29 through 33 of the monthly title.

Graphic Review: Batman Volume 4: Zero Year – Secret City

DC Comics takes another opportunity to update the origin of the Dark Knight for the New 52 with Batman Volume 4: Zero Year - Secret City. The book collects issues 21 through 24 of the monthly title and Batman Zero Year: The Director's Cut #1. If you're worried about getting a repeat of Frank Miller's Batman: Year One, you can leave your reservations at the door.

Comic Book Review: Batman Eternal #1

DC Comics is doing their very best to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Dark Knight's first appearance with a new weekly series entitled Batman Eternal. Many will immediately scream, "What! ANOTHER Batman title?" Bystanders who don't hold a fanatical affection for Gotham's super hero will just stew in their own anger. Caped Crusader enthusiasts will jump up and down in ecstasy… and they have a reason to!

Comic Book Review: American Vampire: Second Cycle Issue #1

I've been an advocate of Scott Snyder's American Vampire series since the first time I laid eyes on it. How could any fan of bloodsuckers not be? Instead of the usual pretty-boy tripe we're used to being served these days, the fanged ones found in the pages of Vertigo's complex, genre-defying, and generation-spanning comic series are scary and vicious. Unlike Twilight, nobody sees one of the undead creatures within these pages and wants to be one.

Graphic Review: Animal Man Volume 3: Rotworld: The Red Kingdom

DC Comics continues to blur the lines between their adult-oriented Vertigo Comics and mainstream identity with Animal Man Volume 3: Rotworld: The Red Kingdom. This graphic novel collection contains Animal Man #12 through #17 and Swamp Thing #12, #17, and #18. The two monthly series continue to complement each other and give the lesser-known character of Animal Man a better sense of belonging for readers in the DC Universe.

Graphic Review: An American Vampire Special: The Long Road to Hell

Sadly, the American Vampire monthly comic series came to an end a few months back. Fans were left clinging on to hope that every once in a while writer Scott Snyder would throw us a bone in the form of a one-off or mini-series featuring the undead characters we've all come to know and love.

Graphic Review: Swamp Thing Volume 2: Family Tree

Swamp Thing Volume 2: Family Tree is the perfect example of DC Comics' dedication to the world of horror comics. It collects issues #0, 8 through 11, and the first annual of the series. There are times I wonder what this intensely graphic and gory book is doing on DC instead of Vertigo.

Graphic Review: American Vampire Volume 5

In the world of vampire comic books, there are really only two players right now. You've got Steve Niles' "30 Days of Night" series and Scott Snyder's "American Vampire." Both are the antithesis of what movies and novels are feeding us when it comes to the undead bloodsuckers. The nocturnal creatures in Niles' and Snyder's worlds don't sparkle in the sun and remain beautiful when they change into their ravenous forms. "American Vampire Volume 5" shows Snyder is still at the top of his gory and gratifying game.

Graphic Review: Batman Volume 2: The City of Owls

DC Comics continues its collection of the Dark Knight’s self-titled monthly adventures with Batman Volume 2: The City of Owls. The book contains issues 8 through 12 and the first annual. Many of them were already published in Batman: Night of the Owls. However, this chronological combination helps to give you a better understanding of the entire Court of Owls saga.

Swamp Thing Volume 1: Raise Them Bones Graphic Novel Review

I remember my first Swamp Thing comic was the second issue of Volume 2 which featured a picture of Dick Durock as the monster in the original movie on the cover. My parents were strict about movies I saw so it wasn't until I went to my father's house the next Summer that I finally got a chance to see the movie on HBO. Being the monster movie lover I am, I fell in love with it. 

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