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Two New Sonic Games Announced

Sonic Team held a 25th anniversary party at San Diego Comic Con and they announced two new games!

Blair Witch Sequel Disguised as The Woods Has New Trailer

For months we've heard of The Woods as being a horror movie that will redefine the genre.  At SDCC 2016, it was revealed that it's actually a sequel to the 1999 film that actually redefined the genre, The Blair Witch Project!

First The Walking Dead Season 7 Trailer Skirts Around the Cliffhanger

AMC took the SDCC stage this afternoon and brought with them the cast and crew for The Walking Dead, along with the first trailer for the show's upcoming season.  While it's careful not to giveaway any spoilers, it manages a few cool surprises.  

Kong: Skull Island Poster Teases the King

Ahead of it's big SDCC panel appearance tomorrow, which will also bring about our first trailer, we get our first movie poster for Kong: Skull Island which gives us our first teasing glimpse of the ape himself.  Come inside to check it out!  

UPDATE: Trailer and Two New InJustice 2 Characters Revealed

At San Diego Comic Con 2016, WB revealed two new characters for the upcoming InJustice 2.

New Screenshots and Details For Season 3 of Telltale’s The Walking...

Clementine continues her journey through the walker-infested post-apocalyptic world in the 3rd season of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead!  Check out some of the new pics and details from SDCC!

Justice League Action Trailer Highlights Humor and Action

The next DC Animated Cartoon Network series has a nice blend of humor, action, and an old school feel!  Check out the highlight trailer for Justice League Action!

Netflix’s Voltron Legendary Defender Season 2 Debuting Late 2016

After an amazing first season on Netflix, Dreamworks Animation's Voltron Legendary Defender got approved for a second season #asexpected. However, what was #unexpected is when we'll get to binge it!  Come inside for more information!

Luke Cage Trailer, Iron Fist First Look, and Defenders Teaser

Last night Netflix and Marvel dropped not one, not two, but three teasers for their upcoming Netflix series, during the Marvel TV SDCC panel. Luke Cage got a full trailer, Iron Fist got a teaser bordering on trailer, and The Defenders got a teaser...All of which left me a very happy nerd.  Come inside to check them all out! 

SDCC 2016 Preview Night Pictures

Cinelinx writer BC is out at San Diego Comic Con 2016 and he's sending us pictures fromt he floor. Check out the cool stuff he saw on just preview night and make sure you come back over the weekend for more as he documents his trip to SDCC.

ROCCAT ELO X Stereo Review

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ui6VTKk5CiE&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR00kUnVrX1v1RuJWBK3i8VStZe4GeWNVfmLh8_oTWqAkGsq9KyH2Mj-T7s Our latest headset review has us putting the ROCCAT ELO X Stereo Gaming Headset through the paces. After logging hours upon hours of gaming...