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30 Minutes or Less Review—Bittersweet Laughs Await in This Disappointing Action...

During Comic Con 2011, I got the chance to attend an advance screening of director Ruben Fleischer's latest, the action comedy 30 Minutes or Less. I'm a huge fan of Fleischer and his cast, ranging from Zombieland partner Jesse Eisenberg to Parks and Recreation star Aziz Ansari.  I also love action comedies, including Fleischer's directorial debut, Zombieland. Because of all these reasons, I was greatly looking forward to 30 Minutes or Less. So did the film deliver?  Sadly...not as much as I hoped it would.

Attack the Block Review: ‘Shaun of the Dead’ Meets ‘Aliens’ in...

At this year's Comic Con, I got the chance to catch the final free screening of Joe Cornish's Attack the Block. Ever since the film premiered at SXSW in March, Attack the Block has been touring around the country, with free screenings in pretty much all major cities in the US.  There last stop was San Diego, as they presented the final screening of the film for a group of rabid Comic Con fans.  The buzz for the film has been growing more and more with each passing screening and finally, after three months of free screenings, Screen Gems is releasing the film in limited release in eight cities across the country.  Is it worth your money?  We weigh in after the jump.

SDCC 2011: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Panel/Footage Reactions

The most extreme movie at this year's Comic Con may also be the most surprising.  Find out why after the jump.

SDCC 2011: The Amazing Spider-Man Panel/Footage Reactions

Probably THE most anticipated film at this year’s Comic Con had its grand debut on Friday, and TheMoviePool was there to bring you all the details.  Is this Spider-Man circa Twilight, or is it a Spider-Man film that can live up to the Sam Raimi iterations before it?  TMP weighs in on the footage for one of next year’s biggest films, The Amazing Spider-Man, after the break.

SDCC 2011: The Adventures of Tintin Panel/Footage Reactions

Director Steven Spielberg and producer Peter Jackson were on hand to present world premiere footage for The Adventures of Tintin, but did it help make the film in the long run?  Find out what TMP has to say after the jump.

SDCC 2011: Spielberg Confirms Jurassic Park 4 has a Story and...

One of the coolest things to come out of the Tintin Panel (besides Peter Jackson and all the Tintin stuff, which we'll have impressions posted shortly) was that Steven Spielberg spoke briefly about the status of Jurassic Park 4, and it should give fans more hope than they've had in a long time.

SDCC 2011: Prometheus Panel/Footage Reactions

In a not so-surprising reveal, Fox officially presented the first ever footage for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus at this year’s Comic Con, during their panel in Hall H.  Now TMP is here to discuss our reactions and give a description of the footage shown.

News Bits Comic Con Edition: Wolverine 2, Spawn, Hellboy, Sin...

The San Diego Comic Con is a massive event and tons of news has been pouring out of it.  While our team is there and doing their best to deliver on all the biggest news, there are tons of small tidbits floating around as well.  Rather than write several 100 word articles on them, we've compiled them all together in this special edition of News Bits!

Voltron Is Happening Finally….Hopefully

Transformers was the pinnacle of visual effects in movies. What is better than giant robots fighting each other as they destroy the city. To this day it is still the bar that other movies need to reach in order to have awesome visuals. Much like the video game industry where one genre or idea suddenly makes it big, the movie industry seems to finally be playing follow the leader.

SDCC 2011: Star Wars Blu-ray Deleted Scenes Clip Released!

Want to see a preview of deleted scenes from the Star Wars: The Complete Saga Blu-ray set? Here the video is, padawan.

Another KOTOR Character Joins the Gaming Great Figure Line

Hasbro and GameStop have revealed another Star Wars The Black Series figure bringing a KOTOR companion to the Gaming Greats line! Once again, the Gaming...