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Yakuza 5 Is Officially Getting a Western Release in 2015

The Yakuza franchise is incredibly popular, but hasn't always had the best track record in getting released here in the west (being mostly a Japanese franchise), but SEGA revealed this morning during Sony's PlayStation Experience, that the latest entry, Yakuza 5, WILL be coming to the PlayStation 3 next year, but you can get Yakuza 4 Now!  Come inside to learn more and check out the announcement trailer. 

Attila is the Focus of Sega’s Next Total War Game

The Total War franchise is a favorite among real-time strategy gamers (even though Rome II polarized fans of the franchise), and now Sega has revealed the next entry in the series which will feature one of the most notorious warlords in history: Attila the Hun.  Come inside to check out the announcement trailer!

Sega Details Survival Mode DLC For Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation is nearly here and has already gone gold.  But if you're worried about not getting enough game for your buck, today Sega has detailed plans for Survival Mode, which will give the game up to six months of extra content for fans and gamers to enjoy.  Come inside to learn more!

Shenmue 3 To Be Kickstarter Funded

Twitter reports suggest Sega will consider Kickstarter-style funding for Shenmue 3.

Sega Announce Release Date For The Cave

The Cave is set for release on North America's PSN and Wii U's eShop on January 22 and will premiere on Europe's PSN, Steam and Xbox Live the following day.

New Story Trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines Released

Today SEGA has released a brand spanking new trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines, this time focusing on the story that gamers will be playing through. 

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