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New Clip Released for Son of Batman; Plus Cover Art Revealed...

Next week sees the release of DC's 20th animated film on blu-ray in Son of Batman.  In order to remind you of how close it is, Warner Bros. has released an all new clip from the upcoming animation...but that's not all.  On top of the new clip, WB is also revealing the box art for the next animated adventure coming to blu-ray later this year, Batman: Assault on Arkham.  Come inside to check them both out! 

DC Animation Releases the First Trailer for Son of Batman

While a lot of attention has been focused on Justice League: War, DC's upcoming animated film, they've got another one releasing this year in Son of Batman, and DC/Warner Bros. have released the first trailer for the upcoming movie.  Come inside to check it out!

The Casual Cinecast Has a Brief Encounter In This Week’s Episode

On this week's Casually Criterion episode of the Cinecast, we're diving into David Lean's Brief Encounter, discuss the Snyder Cut announcement, and more! Mike, Justin,...