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Sony and Microsoft Hinting At The Future; Bringing Rooms Alive

CES is underway and every now and then a cool little gadget keeps making headlines. The recent one for gamers seems to be Microsoft’s IllumiRoom. Microsoft has teamed up with Sony’s nemesis, Samsung, to make the room you game in come alive.

Michael Fassbender Will Produce and Star in the Assassin’s Creed Movie

One of Hollywood's biggest rising stars will tackle the adaption of the hit video game series.

Dan Akroyd Has Confirmed That Bill Murray Has Passed on Ghostbusters...

 Well, Dan Akroyd has been beating around the bush about this for the past year or so, but today he has finally confirmed it...Bill Murray has passed on Ghostbusters 3. But will Murray's lack of involvement be enough to finally kill this project?

Sony Hires Writers For All New Zorro Reboot

Sony Pictures have announced that they're preparing a reboot of the classic sword-swinging hero, Zorro, and have hired two writers in order to pen the script.

New Glasses Will Help Hearing Impaired Enjoy Every Movie

Sony is developing some awesome glasses to be worn in theaters.  And no, it's not some new fangled 3D glasses, these will actually be useful.  Instead they're making a pair of glasses that will help the deaf and hearing impaired enjoy any movie...at any time.

SDCC 2011: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Panel/Footage Reactions

The most extreme movie at this year's Comic Con may also be the most surprising.  Find out why after the jump.

The First Trailer for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ is Officially Online

Since the internet isn't patient and can't wait a day and a half, Sony has foregone the pointless trailer takedowns and has instead decided to release the whole damn thing.  Preemptive strike to combat the bootlegs, it seems.  So I guess we won?  Eh, wait until you see the trailer.

Sony Hires New Director/Writer for ‘Uncharted’

When David O. Russell left the director's chair for Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (the movie adaptation of the incredibly popular videogame) fans all over the world rejoiced!  Then came all of the speculation about who would take over, and how much longer it would take for this film to get off the ground.  Well, Sony has announced that they've chosen a new writer and director for the movie.

New ‘Battle: Los Angeles’ trailer promises even more crazy action

When the Battle: Los Angeles teaser trailer came out about four months ago, I was floored.  It made this tired genre look fresh and new, unlike some other films that came out last year.  The cutting was great, and the music really added to the effects of the trailer.  If I was to grade the trailer, it would be a 10.  But the third trailer just came out for Battle: Los Angeles...and this one goes to 11.  Check it out after the jump.

‘Uncharted’ game developer gives fans hope the movie won’t suck

David O. Russell is pissing a lot of people off these days, including some TMP writers that I won't mention here (for safety's sake, of course).  I for one find the changes that he's making with Uncharted to be in good taste, and will overall benefit...okay, I can't do this:  What a jerk. But read on to find out why he might be a cool guy after all!

EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid Wireless Earbuds (Review)

If you're on the hunt for a set of wireless earbuds to enhance your gaming, the EPOS GTW 270 hybrids bring ease of use...