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The Top Ten Movie Soundtracks from the 1980’s

The 1980’s saw the release of several films with classic, timeless soundtracks. We rank the 10 best.  The 1980’s was a decade of significant sonic...

Interview: Gregory Tripi Provides Insight Into the Music of Dark Places

Cinelinx recently had the opportunity to talk with Gregory Tripi about his career composing music for film, television, commercials, and video games. His latest project is the score for the new mystery thriller, Dark Places, based on the Giillian Flynn novel by the same name.

Star Wars: Rogue One to be Composed by Alexandre Desplat

While John Williams has traditionally scored all of the live-action Star Wars films, it looks like things will be changing up on Star Wars: Rogue One, the first standalone film that's coming next year.  

The 5 Most Unforgettable SNES Soundtracks

In some cases, a soundtrack can take a game from being good to great. That's not only the case with modern games either, as the days of yore were able to provide memorable tunes that continue to stick with gamers today. We're digging into the past to un-earth and re-experience five SNES musical masterpieces that stand out from the crowd.

John Williams Confirmed to Score Star Wars Episode VII and Beyond

Oscar winning composer John Williams, who wrote the music for the first six Star Wars films, as well as many other movies, has officially confirmed during this weekends Star Wars Celebration Europe that he'll be back for Episode VII and beyond!

Abrams is Pretty Sure John Williams is Going to Compose the...

J.J. Abrams is currently making a lot of rounds doing press for his soon to be released Star Trek Into Darkness.  But Star Wars Episode VII isn't far from anyone's minds and at a recent press event, he was asked about who would likely be composing the new film.  He seems fairly certain that John Williams will once again take up that task. 

Hands On With the Stealth Core Trainer Workout Platform

We go hands on with a workout device (crazy, I know) that combines exercise and gaming in a way that feels both unique and...