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Does the new Spider-Man have web shooters?

The internet exploded yesterday as the first picture of the new Spider-Man outfit was officially released by Sony, and of course much speculation followed.  I've stared at this picture for quite some time, mostly trying to decide my thoughts on it.  After looking at it for so long, I noticed something that totally escaped me in that first "Oh wow, it's here" moment of looking...something on Spider-Man's wrists.  If my thoughts are correct, then this movie plans on being radically different than the first ones.

First look at Andrew Garfield in the Spider-Man costume

Our very first look at the new costume for the Spider-Man reboot has arrived, and surprisingly it's from official channels.  No blurry and fuzzy hastily snapped photos here, this picture comes directly from Sony.  It's not much, and the picture doesn't give anything about the story away, but it's nice to finally be getting something official, especially the suit.

Aunt May and Uncle Ben set for ‘Spider-Man’ reboot

This Spider-Man reboot is certainly getting an interesting cast.  I’m surprised that Sony has (so far) strayed away from copying to much of the original casting choice.  For instance, Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire are vastly different actors.  Now, Sony has finally cast the titular hero’s famous aunt and uncle, and it’s an interesting couple indeed.

Emma Stone snags female lead in ‘Spider-Man’ reboot

It has been rumored for a long time that Easy A star Emma Stone would get cast as the female lead in Spider-Man.  Finally, Sony has confirmed the rumors and the rising red headed star is now set to be Gwen Stacy,  Spidey’s famous love interest.  It’s great casting, and I can certainly foresee Stone bringing an interesting level of charm to the role that Kristen Dunst first popularized in...wait, GWEN STACY?


I call that one a shocker.  Ever since rumors of Emma Stone’s involvement in the film were speculated a couple weeks ago, most assumed that she was up for the role of Mary Jane Watson, the female lead in the previous three films.  As it turns out, she’s instead went out for the role of Gwen Stacy, Spider-Man’s first love who  meets her tragic end by the Green Goblin.

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