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Check Out the New Trailer for ‘Star Wars: The Complete Saga’...

Wow, two Star Wars related news stories in one day!  That's to much for the geek o'sphere to handle, me thinks.  Anywho, for the latest on the Star Wars post conversion and a brand new trailer for The Complete Saga, hit the jump now.

Right now.

Do it.

SDCC 2011: Star Wars Blu-ray Deleted Scenes Clip Released!

Want to see a preview of deleted scenes from the Star Wars: The Complete Saga Blu-ray set? Here the video is, padawan.

Full Details for Star Wars Blu-Ray Revealed on Star Wars Day

That's right folks, today is the official unofficial Star Wars holiday celebrated by fans the world over.  So if you hear people gladly shouting "May the 4th be with you," you'll understand why.  For several years now this has been celebrated and even Lucasfilm has gotten in on the fun over the years.  So imagine the delight when they've made a special announcement pertaining to the impending blu-ray releases on this day.

Ghost of Tsushima is the Best Game on PS4 and S0lebs...

Welcome to the 2nd Opinion Podcast! In this episode, we talk about my early impressions of Crash Bandicoot 4, Call of Duty Black Ops...