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Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Could Introduce Thrawn to the New...


As the second season of Star Wars Rebels continues to delight fans, a new rumor suggests that one of the old, beloved, Expanded Universe characters could finally be making his way into the new canon in season three.  Come inside to hear the scoop.  

Lucasfilm Wants a Single, Cohesive Canon for all Star Wars Media


Since Star Wars' inception there's been two types of Star Wars material: the movies (which provides the official canon) and the books, games, and comics which form what's called the expanded universe.  By and large, these things didn't cross over and nothing present outside the films were considered officially apart of the Star Wars mythos.  Now, however, with a new TV series and slew of films on the way, it looks as though Lucasfilm is wanting to bring everything together into one cohesive storyline.  Come inside to check out the details and what it might mean for the fans!