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Star Wars Episode VII Chrome Trooper Revealed

One of the more persistent rumors relating to Star Wars: Episode VII was that we would be seeing a brand new version of Stormtroopers called Chrome Troopers.  Well, now it looks like we can get our first look at one via a new image leaked online.  Come inside to check it out!

Will Star Wars: Episode VII Feature a Return to Hoth?

Could Star Wars: Episode VII film be making a return trip to one of the franchise’s most famous locations? Former James Bond star Roger Moore drops some hints after a visit to the set.

More Up Close Set Pics From Star Wars: Episode VII

The filming at Greenham Common for Star Wars: Episode VII has been a massive boon to eager Star Wars fans who've been feeling the drought of information regarding the upcoming film.  While most of the images have been from drones at a distance, some new images landed over the weekend that give us some incredibly clear looks at the new X-wings.  Come inside to check them out!

JJ Abrams Teases Robotic Hand to Announce the Force for Change...

A couple months ago, the ultimate contest started with Force For Change, a fundraising effort for UNICEF, through Omaze, that would give one lucky fan the chance to be in Star Wars: Episode VII.  Throughout the contest we've seen exciting teases from the set and people have been donating like crazy.  Today, the official results of the funds raised have come in and a winner has been announced.  Come inside to check out the announcement and see the next tease from JJ Abrams!

Star Wars: Episode VII Shooting in IMAX Format, Plus Brian Muir...

We knew that JJ Abrams was making a stand by deciding to film the new Star Wars movie using filmstock instead of going all digital (as the prequels did) and we also knew that Episode VII would be getting a release in IMAX.  What we weren't sure about, is whether or not the film would be shot using native IMAX cameras or would simply be post-converted later.  A new images has given us our answer. 

Josh Trank Set to Direct a Stand-Alone Star Wars Film; Plus...

I've said it many times over the last few weeks, and I'll say it again: It's a great time to be a Star Wars fan!  Episode VII is filming, we've got a release date for the first stand-alone movie (directed by Gareth Edwards), and now...we've got a director for another stand-alone film!  Come inside to see the full press release announcing Josh Trank's involvment in the new film, as well as see J.J. Abrams' response to the Episode VII set leaks. 

Star Wars: Episode VII Set Pics Show Extras, Space Junk, and...

Among the biggest movies being filmed right now, arguably, none are more exciting than Star Wars: Episode VII.  JJ Abrams notorious secrecy has kept details on the plot scarce, and even though filming has been going on for a few weeks, we've only seen bare glimpses of the production.  Today fans were given a treat in the casting announcement of two more actresses, but on the unofficial side, a slew of leaked images from the Abu Dhabi set have landed showing off costumes, space junk, and one massive new creature.  Come inside to check them out. 

Star Wars: Episode VII Will Return to Tatooine

Last week, Bad Ass Digest reported that filming for Star Wars: Episode VII was set to begin in the middle of May and starting in Morocco, supposedly to film scenes that would take place on Tatooine.  Now it looks like that report is true, as today it's been reported that the production crew is currently hard at work on building out extensive sets for the Tatooine landscape!

Cameras Have Started Rolling on Star Wars Episode VII

I'm going to be honest here folks, I've been waiting a long time to type in this headline, and now I finally get the chance.  Over the weekend, Disney's chairman Alan Horn revealed the shooting on Star Wars: Episode VII has finally started, sending geeks the world over into pure bliss. 

JJ Abrams Confirms Star Wars VII Script is Done, Aiming for...

Another week begins and we all know what that means, more Star Wars stuff hitting the net!  This time however, we have more than rumors or fan speculation, instead this information comes straight from the director himself, JJ Abrams.  While it's nothing as exciting as plot details or casting, he dishes the news on the script and when they expect to begin rolling cameras.  

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