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Luke Skywalker a Captive in Star Wars: Episode VII?

Another week goes by and yet more Star Wars: Episode VII rumors have bubbled to the surface.  Fortunately this time brings a little more potential details on plot, specifically giving a reason why Luke Skywalker may have been missing all this time.  Come inside to check out the latest (though potential spoilers abound), and some scuttlebutt on who's piloting the Millennium Falcon these days.  

Mandalorians & Sith Witches Could Be the Villains in Star Wars:...

Details surrounding Star Wars: Episode VII is totally mired in rumors right now.  We know next to nothing about the film (except that it's currently filming), and as such, fans have been desperately clinging to the rumors making the rounds.  Today's report once again deals with the villains/enemies in the film, citing that they include a few Mandalorians and even some "Sith Witches".  Come inside to check it out, plus my thoughts on the rumor!

Rumor Control: Benedict Cumberbatch Cast in Star Wars Episode VII?

You didn't expect your week to start off without another Star Wars Episode VII rumor did you?  Of course not!  Yet again, this newest rumor deals with casting, and if it turns out to be true, it'd be mighty damn exciting.  Reports are suggesting that Benedict Cumberbatch has been cast in a role for the film.  Come inside to check out the rumor and our thoughts on it.

Rumor Control: Details on Palpatine’s Return in Star Wars Episode VII...

Earlier this week we reported on a rumor that said Ian McDiarmid was in talks to return as Palpatine (or Darth Sidious) in Star Wars Episode VII.  While there's still no confirmation on that, a new report has come out supposedly detailing exactly how Palpatine will return to the franchise in the upcoming film.  Come inside to check it out (though if it's true, these would obviously be spoilers).

Rumor Control: Is the Force with Ryan Gosling and Zac Efron?

Another day, and yet another Star Wars Episode VII rumor has come across our desks.  Casting news for the new Star Wars film has been pretty slow pretty slow (as in almost non-existent) but the latest rumors link Ryan Gosling and Zac Efron to the project.  Come inside to check out the reports. 

New The Mandalorian Toys Revealed, Wallets Cry

As part of a new Mando Monday initiative from Lucasfilm, several new toys for The Mandalorian have been revealed, several up for pre-order today!...