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Full Trailer for Star Wars Rebels Feels Like Old Times

While the biggest Star Wars related news came earlier last week in the form of an official casting announcement for Star Wars: Episode VII, there was still something for fans to get excited about yesterday for the official Star Wars holiday, May the Fourth.  Disney released the first real trailer (not just a quick tease) of their upcoming Star Wars Rebels show set to debut this fall.  Come inside to check it out!

Two Trailers & A Poster Give Our First Real Look at...

The last couple days have seen a few things revealed for Star Wars Rebels with the New York Toy Fair giving us our first looks at some of the new characters in the show.  So far we've seen some official stills, and of course the toys, but now we finally get a chance to see the first footage of the upcoming show in the form of two different 'trailers'.  Come inside to check them out!

New Star Wars Rebels Character Revealed: Kanan the “Cowboy Jedi”

While we still have over a year and a half before we finally see Star Wars back on the big screen, we've only got a few months before a new animated TV series kicks off.  We haven't seen a whole lot of it so far, aside from one really cool looking new villain, but that changes now as Disney has revealed the first 'hero' character of the series; a Jedi named Kanan voiced by none other than Freddie Prinze Jr.  Come inside to learn more about the character!

Disney to Start off Their Star Wars Rebels Series with a...

The new animated Disney series Star Wars Rebels will begin its run with a made-for-TV film this summer, leading into the fall, when the program will appear weekly on Disney XD.

New Image From Star Wars Rebels Shows the Inquisitor Leading Stormtroopers

It's 2014 and later this year (in the Fall) Disney is planning on unleashing the first Star Wars related project under their banner, in the brand new animated series Star Wars Rebels.  Since we're now in the year of it's release expect to start finally seeing more and more of it revealed.  Today brings a new pic from the show, once again featuring the menacing new villain. 

Lucasfilm Wants a Single, Cohesive Canon for all Star Wars Media

Since Star Wars' inception there's been two types of Star Wars material: the movies (which provides the official canon) and the books, games, and comics which form what's called the expanded universe.  By and large, these things didn't cross over and nothing present outside the films were considered officially apart of the Star Wars mythos.  Now, however, with a new TV series and slew of films on the way, it looks as though Lucasfilm is wanting to bring everything together into one cohesive storyline.  Come inside to check out the details and what it might mean for the fans!

Take a Gander at Star Wars Rebels’ New Villain (Plus Other...

This past weekend at NYCC, Lucasfilm and Dave Filoni brought Star Wars Rebels to the show and revealed some new tidbits on the upcoming animated series coming out next year including the first look at the new villain (in a bad ass screenshot), details on the timeline, and other good facts.  Come inside to check out all the details from the revealing NYCC panel!

Disney XD Airing Quick Teaser for Star Wars: Rebels on Monday!

While we know that the newest Star Wars animated series, Rebels, will be hitting Disney's XD channel in the Fall of next year, fans eager for their first peak of the new show are in for a treat on Monday when a brief teaser (about 15 seconds) will be aired.  Come inside to check out all the details.

David Oyelowo & Freddie Prinze Jr. Reportedly Circling Roles in Star...

Pretty much everyone has been speculating on the casting of the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII, and while we've posted new rumors on that just about every week, we haven't heard much in the way of casting for the brand new animated series, Star Wars: Rebels.  That's about to change as reports are that David Oyelowo, Freddie Prinze Jr., and a couple others are currently in talks to voice the lead roles in the new series.  Come inside to check out the info!

‘Star Wars Rebels’ New Logo Revealed at Celebration Europe

Cue the music and draw your lightsaber because there’s news from the empire. During the Rebels panel at Celebration Europe II, executive producer of Star Wars Rebels Dave Filoni unveiled the awesome logo for his new Disney TV show.

Will Ubisoft Bring a True Open World Star Wars Game to...

Welcome to the latest episode of The 2nd Opinion Podcast! In this episode, we discuss Bethesda's new Indiana Jones game, Sony's CES2021 Games, Mass...