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The Recap: The Biggest News From Oct. 6 – 10th

This week's episode of The Recap is a treat for Star Wars fans, with news covering the films, TV series, and even video games.  There's more however, so come see what news stories had our community buzzing this week! 

Kenobi Star Wars Spin-Off Rumors Pop Up Once Again

It's been an exciting last few days with all of the pics from the set of Star Wars: Episode VII, but in the midst of all that, a new rumor concerning one of the upcoming stand-alone films has popped up.  It's one we've heard rumblings of in the past, but it appears as though it's rearing it's head once more, that Lucasfilm is currently working on bringing a spin-off film that would focus on Obi-Wan Kenobi.  Come inside to learn more!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Could Cameo in Star Wars: Episode VII Before Larger...

Today brings another casting rumor for the upcoming Star Wars films, that's interesting in it ties into other rumors for the last two "numbered" films in the sequel trilogy.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt, a hot commodity actor, has been rumored to appear as a central(ish) character in Star Wars: Episode VIII and IX, but the newest rumor hitting the webs right now is that he'll also have a cameo appearance in Episode VII.  Come inside for all the details and our thoughts on it!

More Details on the Star Wars: Episode VII Villains Revealed

Details on Star Wars: Episode VII have been hard to come by, but that hasn't stopped people from trying.  Today brings another report on the villains in the new film, the impact they'll have on ALL of Star Wars media, and how their introduction could bring about some flashbacks in the new film.  Come inside to check out all the details!  

Luke Skywalker a Captive in Star Wars: Episode VII?

Another week goes by and yet more Star Wars: Episode VII rumors have bubbled to the surface.  Fortunately this time brings a little more potential details on plot, specifically giving a reason why Luke Skywalker may have been missing all this time.  Come inside to check out the latest (though potential spoilers abound), and some scuttlebutt on who's piloting the Millennium Falcon these days.  

Star Wars Rumor is News to Moffat, Confirms Involvement in Doctor...

Steven Moffat, Show Runner and Head Writer of the long-running BBC series Doctor Who, has denied rumors that he’s writing the next Star Wars film but confirms that he will be staying on Doctor Who through season nine.

Mandalorians & Sith Witches Could Be the Villains in Star Wars:...

Details surrounding Star Wars: Episode VII is totally mired in rumors right now.  We know next to nothing about the film (except that it's currently filming), and as such, fans have been desperately clinging to the rumors making the rounds.  Today's report once again deals with the villains/enemies in the film, citing that they include a few Mandalorians and even some "Sith Witches".  Come inside to check it out, plus my thoughts on the rumor!

Star Wars News: Episode VII Plot Details, Official Set Pic, The...

E3 has been dominating Cinelinx for the last couple days, but you know what the one thing is that can derail even the deluge of E3 news?  Yep, Star Wars news.  In fact, I'm pretty sure that trumps everything, and some new information has been hitting this week.  We've got a slew of stuff ranging from the current and upcoming films, and even the past TV shows.  Come inside to check out a new behind the scenes image, some plot rumors, and more!

5 Actors Are on the Shortlist for the Lead in Star...

It's been a little while since we've heard much of anything interesting on the Star Wars Episode VII side of things, but with filming set to start in a couple months, things should be heating up nicely.  Today a report has come in that five young actors are currently on the shortlist and testing for the part of a Jedi Apprentice in the new film (and more than likely, whole trilogy).  Come inside to find out who they are!

Is Pixar Making a Star Wars Spin-Off?

Star Wars is understandably a hot topic right now.  With Episode VII set to begin filming this May, and a series of spin-off films in the works, fans and non-fans alike have been eager to hear any and all news related to the future of the lucrative franchise.  Today brings another rumor (because Disney's not saying anything official) that fans have been eager for since Disney bought Lucasfilm, the chance of Pixar making a Star Wars movie!

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