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Rumor Control: Matthew Vaughn in Talkes to Direct Star Wars: Episode...

Now that new Star Wars movies have been announced, I have the sneaking suspicison that we'll be doing a crap load of 'Rumor Control' articles about them.  It's the nature of such a massive property and we'll try and keep them down to the more interesting ones.  Today comes a rumor that deals with something everyone is speculating about; who's going to direct it? 

3 reasons why the rumors of a new Star Wars trilogy...

Even though the recent rumors of a possible new Star Wars trilogy were quickly denied by Lucasfilm, don't believe it for a minute. I think George Lucas will eventually revisit his grand creation despite his statements to the contrary. It is inevitable; it is his destiny.


Instead of debating what we could see in a new trilogy, I would rather argue and show you why it is only a matter of time before we see an opening crawl against a star field again. In keeping with the trilogy theme, here are three good reasons why we'll see new Star films soon.

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