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Splinter of the Mind’s Eye: Exploring What Could Have Been the...

This year marks the 33rd Anniversary of the release of The Empire Strikes Back. Thanks to the success of Star Wars, George Lucas went on to make five sequels to the movie and create one of the greatest space sagas ever. However, what if Star Wars hadn't been as successful as it ended up being?

EA Will Talk About Their Star Wars Plans at E3

E3 is just around the corner and with a lot of attention expected to be paid to the next-generation consoles, news will also be coming on something fans have been eager for.  Even though they have recently acquired the Star Wars license, and told us not to expect any games before April of 2014, EA is planning on discussing their plans for the Star Wars games at this year's Entertainment Expo.

The Empire Strikes Back 33 Years Ago Today


33 years ago today, the first audiences for The Empire Strikes Back stumbled out of theaters with their mouths wide open in shock over what they had just witnessed. Could Darth Vader really be Luke Skywalker’s father? Will Han Solo ever be freed from his Carbonite prison?


Disney Announces Star Wars Rebels the Cartoon Show for 2014

Earlier this year, Disney pulled the plug on Star Wars The Clone Wars, the well done Star Wars show on Cartoon Network.  Since its cancellation we've know that they were working on a brand new show and that Dave Filoni (the CW supervising director) was already getting prepped for that.  Now Disney has officially announced the new cartoon show, set in the 20 year gap between Episode 3 and 4, is in production and will debut on Disney XD in Fall 2014.  Come inside for all the details.

Directors’ Trademarks: J.J. Abrams

Most directors have an identifiable style consistent with their approach and perspective. Each week Cinelinx will chose one director for an in-depth examination of the “signatures” that they leave behind in their work. This week, we examine the trademark style and calling signs of J.J. Abrams. 

Star Wars: Episode VII Will Officially Film in the UK

What, you thought we'd go a week without some sort of Star Wars related news?  Nope, and even better, this one is official and comes from a press release issued by Lucasfilm.  As they have with the previous Star Wars films, they have confirmed that Episode VII will officially film in the United Kingdom...those lucky bastards. 

Star Wars Bits: Episode VII Shooting Schedule, New Interviews, and Possible...

Understandably with May the Fourth (Star Wars day) having just passed, and a 2015 Summer release date looming, more and more scoops are coming about for the impending new Star Wars films.  New interviews and news have released over the last couple days, and I thought it'd be easier to round them all up in one convenient spot for you guys.  Come inside to catch up on all the latest in the galaxy far, far away.

EA Lands Exclusive License to Produce Star Wars Games From Disney

After the closing of LucasArts, many wondered what would become of the Star Wars games in general.  Now some of that confusion has been cleared up as it's been announced that EA has entered into an exlcusive multi-year deal with Disney to produce Star Wars games.

Abrams is Pretty Sure John Williams is Going to Compose the...

J.J. Abrams is currently making a lot of rounds doing press for his soon to be released Star Trek Into Darkness.  But Star Wars Episode VII isn't far from anyone's minds and at a recent press event, he was asked about who would likely be composing the new film.  He seems fairly certain that John Williams will once again take up that task. 

Carrie Fisher Once Again Confirms her Involvement in Episode VII; For...

The original cast of the Star Wars trilogy have been somewhat coy about whether or not they'll be in the next batch of Star Wars films.  Carrie fisher (Princess Leia) has been back and forth, saying she's in, and then quickly backtracking.  Now she's made statements once again confirming her involvement in the new Star Wars flick, this time in a manner which leaves no room for going back on her words. 

Celebrate The Holidays With Insight Editions And Star Wars

Bring the power of the Force to your needles with the first and only official Star Wars knitting book from Insight Editions, Star Wars:...