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9 Classic PS2 Games That Need to Show Up on PlayStation...

Earlier this week during CES 2014, Sony announced their brand new video game streaming service, PlayStation Now.  The service is designed to act as a 'Netflix' of gaming wherein gamers can stream older PlayStation titles to their current systems, tablets, and even TVs.  While the service will start with only PS3 games Sony promises the library will eventually pull from all previous PlayStation systems.  The primary concern most gamers have now, however, is which games will fill out the service's library.  Today I take a look backwards at some of the most enjoyable PlayStation 2 titles that needed to be included on Now

What ‘PlayStation Now’ Needs To Offer

PlayStation Now is the new streaming service offered by Sony to streamline games digitally. The service utilizes Gaikai to stream games to any device at any time. Of course it offers other features, but Sony has yet to dive into them just yet. We do know two things, it will have a subscription and it will have rentals. With that being the focus, there are a few things Sony needs to offer gamers in order to become the Netflix of gaming.

Turtle Beach & Oakley Announce Partnership With Two Sleek Specs

Turtle Beach Corp. has made yet another move in ensuring their players get the most out of their gaming experience by producing products for...