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Cinelinx’s Summer Movie Awards (2013) Winners!

To celebrate the end of the Summer Movie Season we debuted our nominations for the 2013 Summer Movie Awards a couple weeks ago and opened it up for you guys to vote.  We got a lot of great responses, some surprising choices, and are now pleased to announce our winners for our second annual Summer Movie awards.  Come inside to see if your picks won out!

Cinelinx’s Summer Movies Awards (2013) – Nominations!

Well folks, the Summer movie season is pretty much wrapped up.  Don’t be sad, there’s plenty of exciting looking films on the horizon this Fall, but to wrap up our Summer, the staff here at Cinelinx got together to present the Summer Movie Awards (just like we did last year).  So today we present our nominations in various categories and we’re going to let you, our readers, pick the winners!  The best part is, when you vote on your winners, you’ll be entered to win a free movie of your choice!  Come inside for the nominations and all the details.

Summer Movie Preview Guide: July

July sits right in the middle of the Summer movie season and as such, it’s packed with a cornucopia of high profile releases.  As we’ve done with the months of May and June, we’re here to help you sort through all of the releases with another Summer Preview Guide.  Inside you’ll find information, posters, trailers, and our thoughts on all the major (and some smaller ones too) releases this month so you can decide which films to see and which to wait on.

Summer Movie Preview Guide: June

This Summer, like all the previous ones before it, is filled to the brim with new films all striving for your attention.  It’s understandable that this can be a tad overwhelming and it’s tough to keep up with the many releases happening in such a short period of time.  Cinelinx is here to help you with our Summer Preview Guide!  We take a look at all the films coming out in June (including trailers, synopsis, and more) in order to prepare you for what’s ahead.

2013 Summer Movie Predictions: This Year’s Losers

Earlier this week, we took a look at the films we felt would be the "winner's" of this year's Summer movie season.  Today, we're back at it again to discuss the films most likely to flop and stink up an otherwise enjoyable season of movies.

Will Spock Die in New TREK Film? More INTO DARKNESS...

As the new Star Trek sequel comes closer to it's debut date, the speculation about the rumored links between this film and 1982's Star Trek 2: the Wrath of Khan continues. New footage seems to indicate the possible death for our favorite vulcan, as well as the utterance of the most famous line from the Khan film.


2013 Summer Movie Predictions: This Year’s Winners

The Summer movie season is nearly upon us. Join Cinelinx's Jordan and Garrett as we predict and discuss this who's going to come out on top during this crowded Summer. 

WB Releases New Posters for The Hobbit & Pacific Rim

About a week before their panel at this year's Comic Con, WB has released brand new posters for The Hobbit and Pacific Rim.  Check them both out below.

The First Teaser Trailer for Monster’s University Showcases Animal House, Pixar...

On the eve of their next big film, Brave, hitting theaters, Disney-Pixar have unveiled the teaser trailer for their next big feature, the Monster's Inc. prequel Monster's University. Does the trailer deliver? Find out below.

First Photos: Seth Rogen’s The End of the World—Look At All...

Wanna see how Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, Paul Rudd, Jason Segel, and a crapton of other celebrities would deal with the impending apocalypse?  Then boy, do I have the movie for you! 

Resident Evil Village Has GOTY Potential and Scared The Hell Out...

Welcome back to the 2nd Opinion Podcast! In this episode, we discuss More Problems for CDPR, New Playstation IP's, Xbox Gold Pricing, Metal Gear...