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Full Super 8 Viral Clip Released; Gives Tease of the Creature

With Super 8 only days away from opening, J.J. Abrams is about done with his viral marketing campaign.  There just isn't much he can hide anymore.  Because of that he's now released the full viral clip that fans have been trying to piece together over the past several months.

First set video from ‘Super 8’ gets explodey!

If you're like me, then you too are eagerly awaiting any little tidbit of information regarding J.J. Abram's next super-secret film project Super 8.  The teaser trailer that was released earlier this year has done little but fill the rumor mill, and get fans anxious for more.  Very little is known about the project other than it is currently filming, it deals with something that requires a lot of blowing up, and doesn't have anything to do with Cloverfield.  Personally, I think Abrams is lying and that it is Cloverfield related.  There are too many similarities.  It's a monster/alien movie, it's a creature we don't know and aren't allowed to see, and the marketing is all too familiar.  All of these could be coincidences of course, but I think it could be an interesting origin/sequel movie (maybe the Cloverfield monster is what bursts out of the broken train car?).

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