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Suicide Squad Controversy—Was Harley An Anti-Feminist Character?

 Although it’s been a financial triumph, Suicide Squad has had its share of criticism and bad reviews. Much of the negativity has been aimed at Harley Quinn. While most people like Margot Robbie’s performance, there was a backlash on Twitter, Tumbler and other sites because Harley was seen as being too anti-feminist.

Science Has Determined the 10 Best Super Heroes of All Time

 Every comic fan has an opinion on who the best super hero is. Fans have argued for decades regarding the merits of their favorite heroes. Now science has an answer for you. After several years of research, a scientific study has listed the 10 best super heroes ever.

How Geoff Johns is Using Watchmen to Save DC


Geoff Johns wants to change the direction and tone of DC, both in films and in the theaters. He has a plan for doing this. The amazing part is that Watchmen is going to save DC. How? Read on, but beware of some spoilers.

Happy 50th Birthday to the Batman TV Show: the Best Super...

 This month marks the 50th anniversary of the Batman TV show (1966-68) starring Adam West and Burt Ward as Batman and his teen partner Robin the Boy Wonder. The show was a huge hit when first released and still has a loyal following today. The show was a clever satire, not only on super heroes but also on 1960s pop-culture in general. Cinelinx celebrates ABC’s Batman at 50.

A Review of Netflix’s Jessica Jones: Season One

 After the overwhelmingly positive critical and fan reaction to Marvel’s excellent Netflix show Daredevil, they’ve finally released their sophomore effort, Jessica Jones. Does the second Netflix super hero show compare to the first? Cinelinx reviews the entire first season of Jessica Jones. (Beware of spoilers.)

5 Reasons Why Superman Should Beat Batman in Dawn of Justice

With trailers now in theaters and the 2016 release date slowly inching closer, speculation is growing about Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Most people assume—probably correctly—that Batman will leave the Man of Steel lying in defeat. Batman’s popularity is such that bat-fans would riot if the Dark Knight should lose. However, the fact is…Batman SHOULD lose, and here are five good reasons why.

Daredevil or the Flash: Which Had the Best Debut Season of...

 In their freshman year, Marvel’s Netflix Daredevil series and DC’s CW show the Flash got some of the most overwhelmingly positive reviews of any TV shows ever based on super heroes. They are arguably the two best debut seasons for shows adapted from a comic book.  Which one is better? Cinelinx looks at these two excellent shows to determine the live action small screen comic champ.

The Sub Mariner Should Appear On Agents of SHIELD

 With the current comic book boom under way, you’d expect Marvel to show some love for their first-ever character—Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner. Since legal entanglements prevent Namor from showing up in a film, why not allow the king of the seas to meet the Agents of SHIELD?

5 Characters Who Could Appear On DC’s Team-Up Spinoff

The latest news from DC’s TVU is about a possible spinoff in development that will feature characters from both Arrow and the Flash joining forces in what’s being described as a “superhero team-up show.” The rumor is that the show will have three super heroes who have never been seen on TV before. Which DC characters should appear on the show?

Will a TV Incarnation of the Justice League Come Before the...


The upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will set up the planned Justice League movie in 2017. For comic fans who just can’t wait another two and a half years for the iconic super hero group to appear, you may be getting an earlier version on TV, in the shared universe being created by Arrow, the Flash and the in-development Supergirl show.

Resident Evil Village Has GOTY Potential and Scared The Hell Out...

Welcome back to the 2nd Opinion Podcast! In this episode, we discuss More Problems for CDPR, New Playstation IP's, Xbox Gold Pricing, Metal Gear...